This Is Surely The Worst Possible Starting Position In Civilization V

This is surely the worst possible starting position in Civilization V — so bad it hurts. Beginning with the troops scattered in the middle of nowhere is no way to build a successful empire. But, look on the bright side: The location is incredibly defensible against a land attack! And there are lots of crabs nearby.

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    Stuck in the middle of nowhere with crabs.

    Sounds like Saturday morning for some people.

    I wish I could play Civ, but I have other things I need to do, like eat and shower and Civ just does not leave time for that.

    I Started a game recently where I was on a peninsula.
    Once my city was founded it showed that Another Civ had started its city 1 tile away from me, thus Strangling my production, It got all the goodies and I got none :( *Cries*

    civ is such a dangerous game

    you play for 30mins, and its actually 7 hours

      civ 5 is the reason i forgot to pick my son up from school when it came out.....I just decided to play a little after lunch, next thing I know the school is ringing me asking where I am....The real sad thing is that I was one of 5 fathers who forgot to pick their kids up because they were busy playing Civ5.

        it a case of one more turn. i have been playing on more than once noticed birds chirping and light creeping in pas t the blinds only to realise i have been playing the game up until dawn. Civ has been doing this to me since the very first game

    I should get off my ass and get civ V. Question I love IV, should I get all the DLC packs or will the stand alone game be enough?

      The DLC greatly improves the game.

        Agree 100% Don't forget to shop around too. If Steam doesn't have a hefty discount, check out other places like GreenmanGaming or elitekeys etc as they'll often have it for cheap from the get go.

    What difficulty is it on? Unless it's super hard, you can tech straight up the ocean-going techs and actually get a pretty good start out of it all...

    Only problem is you can't explore ANYWHERE until you get up to optics and that will take a while!! I'd give it a crack just for shits and giggles :D Is there a save I can try out?

      He's going to have a hard time getting there - the lack of production's a killer, particularly because you can't get a worker out to improve the hills and marble (?) to the East. If he was playing the Polynesians it wouldn't be an issue - get a settler out quickly and sail them away - but playing Poland? At least it'll help get to Optics more quickly.

      I'd produce two settlers as soon as I had access to sailing, and hope that you could get a coastal waters link to somewhere more liveable. If you're playing an Archipelago map (or a random map that turns out to be one), you've got a better chance than otherwise.

        My thoughts too. I honestly reckon it'd be fun to have a crack though :D If it was on king or above though, just crap the game and restart :P

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