This Is Video Game High School. Season Two.

What's the verdict on Video Game High School? I didn't see season one. Good? Bad? Watchable? Better than Saved by the Bell?

The new, six-episode season will premiere on July 25 on YouTube and


    Season One was corny, but very enjoyable. Well worth the time investment.

    Definately watchable. Felt like a network show as was amazing in quality but had no network connections, just a bunch of dedicated people from the likes of Freddiew and Brandon who did a amazing job. Looking forward to Season 2 with The age of Web Tv.

    Agree that Season One was the right level of corny and enjoyment. Watch the first two episodes and you'll know if the show's right for you or not. Not really a spoiler, but Zack Levi has a cameo appearance!

    VGHS is great fun! Every gamer can relate to it.

    Perhaps you should be writing for fabsugar instead of kotaku if you haven't seen season 1...
    Followed Freddie Wong for years, his stuff is nothing short of superb! can't wait for season 2

    I watched the whole series but to be honest I found it a little over the top sometimes. Dont get me wrong I watched it because I like to support anything that delves inot our culture as gamers, but it just didnt hit the sweetspot for me :(

    Didn't hit the mark for me. Felt like I was watching a Saturday morning 'Disney style' show at times. Love the FreddieW channel but the whole set up for this just didn't work for me.

    Will be getting this on region-free Blu-ray as my Kickstarter reward :)

    As for the improvements over Season 1.. other than the obvious stuff like they know what they are doing a lot more and the characters are already developed.. they are doing this as longer episodes (not sure how long each episode will be) rather than the short ones we got in Season 1 and they have filmed the sequences set in the virtual game worlds using 48FPS to give it an extra special look.. apparently it's very noticeable..

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