This Is What A Brony Party Looks Like

I don’t want to be mean here — heck, remember how much fun I had at that one furry party? — but it’s difficult to watch this edited footage of a My Little Pony convention concert by Nick Irvin and not be struck by how awkward it is.

To be fair, the furry party probably looked awkward as hell too. Nobody recorded that to my knowledge, though, thankfully. Ultimately, if these people are having fun, then… hey! That’s cool.

For reference: a “brony” is someone who is a fan of the cartoon show, My Little Pony.

Update: For the record, I don’t have a problem with Bronies, and I’m sorry that I wrote this post with the wrong approach and tone. It should have been more about how it’s admirable that they can have fun and not care about how awkward the clip is — for truly, that is the most remarkable thing here.

Best Of “My Little Pony Convention Concert” [Nick Irvin]


  • I don’t understand a single thing I saw in the video, but then again, I don’t understand a lot. If these guys and gals have fun doing this, then I hope they never stop. Life is harsh and you have to have fun in whatever (legal) way you can.

    You know, when this “brony” stuff started, I was convinced it was a complete joke. I thought that some people on the internet simply said they liked that show so much for the purposes of freaking out other people. Having seen this video, I know that I was wrong – these people genuinely really love that show.

    Is it a bit weird? Yeah, but then again, obsessive fans are always a bit weird and awkward, no matter what series, show, game or film you’re talking about. Are the die hard star trek fans and the die hard starwars fans, who also dress up and dance funny any less awkward than these folks? Not to my knowledge.

    Sure, it’s a bit… weird to see people take this show so seriously. But I get the same odd feeling of weirdness whenever I see someone manically screaming “FOOOOOOTBALLLLLLLL!” and manically cheering on a team, whose players they’ve almost certainly never met, to win a game that will have zero impact on their lives one way or another (unless they’ve stupidly bet their lifesavings on the outcome).

    That these folks take their obsession too far? Sure, I’ll agree with that. But most people take their obsession too far with something in their life. It’s not healthy behaviour, but there’s not a single person on earth who has perfect mental health.

  • What the f has this got to do with my little pony? Are the songs about my little pony? I am lost.

    • eh, a couple of them have references to the show, although I’ve only heard like two of the songs … so eh. It’s a little cringeworthy, but that fanatics though

  • “For reference: a “brony” is someone who is a fan of the cartoon show, My Little Pony.”

    Oh no. I’m a fan of the show, but Bronies are something else. Usually refers just to the male counterparts too.

  • You know the saying “You need to get out more?”, well these kids really shouldn’t.

    Bronies everywhere, please, for your own good, stay in your mother’s basements and keep your social interaction for forums.

    The world just isn’t ready for you yet.

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