This Pikmin 3 Trailer Might Just Revive My Interest In Plant-Based Videogames

Having spent parts of the weekend slogging along in Plants Vs Zombies 2, my will to sit through yet more vegetable-themed videogaming was waning. Then along came this neat Pikmin 3 trailer.

Nintendo, if you're listening — I'M KEEN AGAIN.


    Yeah, Plants vs Zombies 2? More like Plants vs Zomboring 2. Beat the first world and it felt almost identical to the original, but with more micropayments. Don't know that I'm going to have the energy to complete it. But at least it was free!

      Also, didn't it take them ages to make the 2nd one. What did they spend all that time doing?

      Anyhoo, pumped for Pikmin3.

      Free game, can't really complain right.
      I'm upto the 3rd world and haven't given them a micropayment or anything.... seems to mix it up a fair bit with gameplay and powerups. I mean it could have come out years earlier but still a sweet free game.

    On Plants vs Zombies 2: Most publishers would be pretty satisfied with having a universally-loved golden goose gaming franchise in their portfolio. Not EA, though. EA will fire the guy responsible for that goose and immediately set to work trying to get that bird to lay diamond eggs. Into a Gucci bag. (Not mine, but I think it says it fairly well)

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