This Real Life Exo-Skeleton Looks Like A Cross Between Metal Gear And ED-209

This feels like some super meta viral marketing for an upcoming movie or video game, but apparently this mental Japanese-developed exo-skeleton is a real thing. Five of them are being made and they're retailing at 12.5 million yen, which translates to roughly $140,000 dollars. No biggie!

It's called the Power Jacket MK3 and it looks like a cross between the loader from Aliens, a human operated Metal Gear and an ED-209. I'm not really sure just how maneuverable the thing is, or if it even adds any extra strength. Is it even useful in any way? Probably not.

To be perfectly honest I'm still not convinced this isn't some sort of marketing stunt for something. It just doesn't look that well made. It has the look of a movie prop. But still, the video is worth watching.

Via Gizmodo


    metal gear? ed209? change up the hands and paint it yellow and I think we got a decent power loader knockoff.

    You could have given a warning about the scarface guy.

    Its presented by Scarface Santaro and you're not sure if its for real or not?

      i know right!? i totally wasn't expecting that :S

    I don't care if it doesn't look too high tech, I want one

    Is little asian girl the only size they come in or do they come in a bigger size for us more well rounded men??

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