This Ridiculous Pokémon Load Time Is Fake

There's a new Pokémon game. It's called Pokémon X/Y and recently gameplay was showed off on Japanese television. Don't worry; the game doesn't appear to have ridiculously long load times.

The above GIF is a fake! This is gameplay footage that has been given a long "Now Loading..." screen. As several Kotaku readers have pointed out, this is a loading screen from the 2006 Sonic the Hedgehog game.

Here's the actual load screen:

Now, whether this load time is too long, that's up to you to decide!

「ポケットモンスターX・Y」 バトル前のロードが長いかのように見せる偽装gifに注意!! [あまえび]


    There has always been a a slight load at the start of a Pokemon battle, not to mention the throwing of the pokeballs

      while that's true, I'm concerned it'll be more pronounced due to the current lack of any interesting fade in effect, I mean it looks fine once its loaded in, but that black screen is just dead time that you'll go through over and over again.

    The load time in the fake gif is taken straight from Sonic '06

      Ah, the article was updated from when I saw it first yesterday

    I feel that is too long, you have to remember that you go through this hundreds of times.

    It takes time to load data these days, deal with it

      Shouldn't load times be getting shorter with newer technology and more advanced methods of data storage/reading?
      That said I'm not going to complain about the X/Y load times from just this. A laggy gif of an alpha (pre-alpha, alpha, beta, whatever stage it's up to) game is hardly worth crying over.

        loading becomes more effective yes, but the amount of data that needs to be loaded also goes up so it sort of cancels itself out.

        As explained above, while the methods of transferring data have become faster, the amount of data that get transferred has increased too, thus negating the changes.

        When you had the NES/SNES/Genesis era, you were dealing with bytes to kilobytes of data over a medium that handled upwards of Megabytes of data. Nowadays we're dealing with Gigabytes of data transferred over a medium that has a transfer rate of hundreds of Megabytes at a time. While cartridge based media, such as the Nintendo 3DS, can handle Gigabytes of storage, the transfer rate of the medium has maxed out like DVD & Bluray has.

        But yes, a limited frame .gif image is not the best form to explain this problem.

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    I always wanted an option to turn off ALL BATTLE animations. So it was all instant results. I would then turn it back on during the better fights. ideally.

      Turned it off when grinding; turned it back on to fight gym leaders and battling with friends.

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