This Ridiculously Awesome Mech Is Wandering Around Comic-Con

If you attend San Diego Comic-Con 2013, you can probably expect at least a few crazy, elaborate costumes. But this robot, which Wired provides us footage of, is something else. The thing is 3m tall, it has four arms, and despite looking menacing, I'm guessing those weapons aren't real. Still, wow.

It's made by the same studio that made built armour for Pacific Rim and Iron Man — so it makes sense that it's so awesome. If you're attending Comic-Con this weekend, this mech sounds like something to keep an eye out for. I doubt you can miss it, really.

Giant Robot Storms San Diego Comic Con 2013 - Wired App Wired [Wired]


    very, very, very impressive.

    Very Masamune Shirow- Intron depot. It's amazingly awesome, but a bit top heavy looking, especially when you consider the actor's wearing the top arms, chest and head as a gigantic head piece.

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    That thing is the best thing I've seen ever. Of all time.

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