This Schoolgirl Is A Photoshop Disaster And Not An Evil Spirit

Some say this Japanese schoolgirl photo shows an evil spirit. Others say it's just bad Photoshop. Everyone agrees that it's pretty freaky. The photo apparently shows a brochure for a private high school in Miyagi prefecture. As awful as it sounds, look under the desk.

Yikes! This image has been retweeted over 4000 times, with people online calling it "shinrei shashin" (心霊写真), which means "spirit photography" or "ghost photography". Other folks are pointing out that, obviously, this is probably just a Photoshop screw-up. A creepy one though!

It's likely that the originally photo showed the student with bad posture with her hand hanging in her lap. So, it was tweaked, giving her good study posture — forgetting to remove the original hand!

The brochure image, however, has apparently been fixed, with the new photo seeming to erase the spooky appendage, and even tweaking the schoolgirl's hand on her desk.

学園案内パンフレットに写った心霊写真に学校側が緊急回収 話題に [2ch]

Pictures: rz_1115, vegaltav


    What if she has three hands, and you only see at most two in each photo? Is she kaiju?

    What if her right arm is fake, and her real arm is poking out the bottom of her top so that she text her friends without raising the suspicions of the teacher?

      In that case her *right* arm is twice as long as the normal human arm and double, if not triple jointed. The situation isn't much better if you meant her *left* arm.

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