This Sounds Like The Coolest X-Men Game Ever… Oh, Wait

They had me at drawing on heroes and villains from the X-Men’s past, present and future. Then they lost me.

Gree has an image problem — most of its big-name games are just a collection of images with numbers assigned so they can battle each other. Collectible cards, without the actual cards. I’ve dabbled, but I’m not a really big fan.

Marvel seems delighted, at least.

“We are delighted to be working with GREE to help celebrate the 50th anniversary of X-Men,” said Andreea Enache-Thune, senior vice president games and digital distribution at Marvel via official press release. “By teaming up with GREE, a leader in mobile gaming, we are confident that fans around the world will enjoy this exciting new way to experience and connect with X-Men.”

At least the game has ties to an upcoming X-Men comic book event, and not something that happened years ago that we’re just now getting to. I applaud the initiative, though shouldn’t we have announced this a couple of days ago?


  • Ugh, another game that got my hopes up onto to go to mobile. This would have been great in the MvC engine.

  • “Marvel seems delighted, at least.”

    Which isn’t saying much. They also seemed pretty happy with Marvel Heroes, and look how THAT turned out.

      • It’s a very average-to-subpar Diablo clone with tightly-restricted, uninspiring talent trees/gearing options, a lack of instancing which turns playing your favourite hero into playing a CLONE of your favourite hero, and even then only if you were daft enough to spend $15-20 on heroes most likely to be considered favourites.

        Just like Diablo 3, there wasn’t even really any compelling reason for it to be Always Online, because the ‘MMO-like’ features have added virtually nothing rewarding or useful to the game except for the ability for fifty Hulks to dogpile zone bosses – artificial difficulty that didn’t need to require that level of participation except to justify its own existence as a ‘MMO’.
        If anything, stacking dozens of players in the same zone as you actually diminishes your experience by forcing you to wait for respawns or trivializing any combat you’re lucky enough to actually engage in, because what chance did generic mob thug have against four iron mans desperate for a kill?

        Couple this with terrible level design, very mediocre story-line which does little-to-nothing to impel you onward, a nakedly-greedy monetization system which set its sights on our wallets far higher than is reasonable, and the similarity between archetypes is too obvious to even have those hero choices feel meaningful. It’s kind of disgusting that Ultimate Alliance was able to produce a significantly better-directed, more-engaging game with combos between heroes, bonuses for creating super-teams, and a significantly improved roster of choices, in a game that was released on consoles several years ago.

        All up, bland at best, frustrating and tedious at worst, it offers nothing to enhance the Marvel brand, leeching off it instead.

        There is no way anyone could be pleased with the game as a creative work, only pleased by the money landing in their pockets.

        • Well, I see that someone is very anti-Marvel Heroes. That’s cool, everyone is welcome to their opinion.

          Being someone who does not give a shit about always on and never will, I couldn’t care less if it’s always on or not.

          I must just get really lucky as I’ve never encountered more than 4 other players at a time, each of those being a different character to my own and we all went our own ways. Whilst I agree it doesn’t add anything and the story is pathetic, it is the epitome of a Marvel Dungeon Crawler. Go here, fight that bad guy, get that thing and come back.

          To me it was very reminiscent of the Ultimate Alliance games. I enjoyed them immensely, as mindless play and talk with friends, but at their core they are about overpowered good guys fighting underpowered bad guys. It’s a comic book game designed to get you to buy the characters you want. If you approach it as that, it’s fun. Expecting more was just naive. This was made to capitalise on the sudden increase in popularity of the Marvel in the wider market.

          I know what it is and I enjoy it for what it is. A cheap knock-off game for kids to beat the crap out of people. It’s a simple dungeon crawler.

          Plus, it doesn’t hurt that I got drops for Iron Man, Spider-Man and Deadpool all in one day

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