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Man, I thought last week was quiet. This week? Let's just say it's quality over quantity!

Surprisingly, there's little gumph here. Usually there are a handful of games releasing that I've literally never heard of and I have to do a quick search to find out what they are and who they are for. This week there are two games and they're both worth checking out. It is dry july in the world of video games I guess...

Mario and Luigi Dream Team (3DS)

What is it? The latest Mario and Luigi game. Should you care? Definitely. This series is a really loose, weird, sometimes hilarious version of Mario. All rules are thrown out and I really like it.

Sid Meier's Civilization V: Brave New World (PC)

What is it? It's the second expansion pack for Civilization V. Should you care? If you're into Civ, which I know a lot of you are, then this is a no brainer in the biggest way. Yes, you should care. 100%.


    I find it good that it's quiet, i have far too many games to play and it's good to be able to dig into my backlog and finally finish some of them.

    I will be picking up Mario and Luigi Dream Team though.

    Picking up Brave New World as soon as I get my tax return.
    Will probably get around to playing it around the time Civ6 comes out.

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    I dunno, last week saw a hell of a lot of releases... sort of. If you include Steam early access.
    (Which I do. "Don't judge me, I'm not finished! You can buy me and play and I'm advertised, but I'm not RELEASED so you can't criticize me!" Yeah right. And taking it up the pooper means you're still a virgin. Whatever.)

    Damn I didn't realise Mario and Luigi Dream Team was out so soon, i always assumed it was near the end of the year.

    Either way I have to pick it up, but I still have 3 other 3ds games to finish first >.<

    though now i have to find the cheapest price, probably Ozgameshop or zavvi

    Turns out you can get dream team for $41 at videoezy website, cheapest price even beats:Amazon, oz game, zavvi, EB, dungeoncrawl, ezydvd, JBhifi,

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