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Is anything out this week? Hello?

*listens for echo*

With the Steam Sale wrapping up, and the big players getting ready for the holiday season, we aren't left with much. That, plus Monday morning, might have you feeling... Crabby. But I had a chance to check out a hilarious indie game at PAX Aus, where the developer advised me the latest version was released just for the show. So here's your new release, and simultaneously my Game of Show: Crabitron.

Two fingers from each hand control the crab-claws as you reach up into space, grabbing all the Jetsons-like spacemobiles and dragging them towards your waiting maw. They're destined to be swallowed, digested, and turned into proteins that will build more Crabitron. It cannot be stopped.


What is it? A hardcore, unforgiving simulator for those who really know their way around a giant space crab. Should you care? It sounds daunting, but piloting a giant space crab is really just like riding a bike. After the first few goes, you never forget how to pincer the many space trucks going by, and you'll be throwing your own eyes at challenging enemies in no time.

Pikmin 3

What is it? By plucking plant-like creatures called Pikmin out of the ground, you gain the ability to command them. Controlling an army of up to 100 little warriors, it's up to you to conquer the little streams, plant pots, and brick walls in this backyard setting. Should you care? It's classic Miyamoto, albeit the puzzles are very simple. Blue Pikmin can swim, Red Pikmin are immune to fire, Yellow Pikmin form a cute little line to conduct electricity and turn lights on... A simple RTS with limited multitasking that stays easy right up until a final, brutal boss.

Dynasty Warriors 8

What is it?Large scale brawler in which you control Chinese heroes taking on huge armies almost single-handedly. Should you care?This one tends to polarise people. It is unashamedly Eastern, and you shouldn't expect very in-depth 1v1 fighting dynamics. It's more about slashing through waves of fodder - though this time around, they have worked on the rock/paper/scissors between weapon types when you challenge an enemy officer. This version should also run at a constant 50 frames per second, at least.

Many of the other indie games I checked out at PAX were already released or further away, but it is possible a game or two evaded our elite crack team of circus clowns. Every time I ask them for a game release update, I get a pie in the face. Did we miss anything? Make sure and let us know in the comments below!


    There is this game called Pikmin 3 coming out, I think it was developed by some small indie studio. Looks promising, will have to look into the first 2 entries of the series to get an idea how it all came about.

      Ha! I'll add this now. Only slightly embarrassing considering I beat it last week. That's what a weekend in an expo will do to your brain.

        I believe the physical copy of Super Luigi U also comes out the same day.

          Spot on!

        So Master Ray, is Pikmin 3 still worthy of our time? It worries me when you say it's too easy...

          Just set your own challenge, try completing the game without losing a single Pikmin. I have a feeling this is going to be a tough ask this time around without the trusty bulky Purple Pikmin.

          I agree with jbm - I found that getting lots of fruit and losing less Pikmin was satisfying enough as a way of creating my own challenge. It's easy enough for a veteran to never be in danger of losing, but it was still quite fun for me. You can challenge yourself by dividing up into 3 squads and multitasking, trying to get as much fruit and other goodies as you can before nightfall. Even with little challenge, it's worth playing. It can be addictive as well.

          Having said that, I played with a few very casual gamers around me, who both absolutely hated the game. It surprised me, as I thought the game was intentionally made to be appealing to them as well.

            Good to hear. I am keen to try it out, and I have a brood of n00blets who will no doubt enjoy it too, but I've been bitten by the "too easy" tag before. As long as there is opportunity to challenge myself without excessive spoon feeding i'll be a happy camper.

        You had one job! You're drunk, go home! [insert all the other ones here]

    Carbitron is pretty awesome and quite challenging but not from bad controls, controls are nice with its limitations being the friction of the touchscreen can be annoying. Other than that cutting up space trucks with a light saber is awesome.

    Is this THE Junglist?
    Why is he on Kotaku

      Because Mark is on holiday and Junglist is here to pick up the second half of the slack in that time.

      He runs the show sometimes when Sunburnt Simon Peg Serrels goes on holidays and that.

    Checked out Crabitron at PAX, went home and bought it immediately :)

    So much fun...

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