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A few interesting games on Steam this week, including the brutal-looking platformer Cloudberry Kingdom. The below releases are all from the world of Steam, but truth be told, I'll probably be busy with the other Steam games that've been made available recently. Such as Rogue Legacy and the early access to Mercenary Kings.

Cloudberry Kingdom

What is it? Platformer with the emphasis on masochistic difficulty, and interesting co-op modes, such as heavyset slow jumpers, super-bouncy characters, and super-fact rolling characters. Should you care? Did you play and like Super Meat Boy? It has a similar philosophy, and even shows you a replay of all your deaths at once. Modes like co-op bungie, in which everyone is tethered together, look hilarious.


What is it? Tower defence and physics destruction hybrid that sees one player building & defending a castle, and another trying to knock it down. Should you care? It looks like it could be a bit of fun, though it's always hard to get the balance right in these new types of games. Your fun might also depend on the amount of other people playing the game, but there is a singleplayer mode.

Rise of the Triad

What is it? A remake of one of the early FPS games, involving both magic and good ol' kinetic projectors. Should you care? Nostalgia much? It could be seen as an education in FPS, but realistically, this is for those who played it back in the day. It looks like they've done a good job with the remake.

Did we forget anything? Make sure and let us know in the comments below, and I'll add it.


    Got Castlestorm when it came out on the 360 - but will definitely be grabbing both Cloudberry Kingdom and Rise of the Triad.

    Had a go of Cloudberry Kingdom at PAX, really didn't like how it felt. Just didn't seem right.

    I know it's not all that new but I just picked up Don't Starve, that game is alot of fun.

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