This Week In Games: Has No Games

This week has no games. Well, it has some games, but not many. It makes sense. It is Dry July, the month where the video gaming wells dry up and we're left to ration out the games topping out our monstrous piles of shame.

Dark (PC)

What is it? It's a first person stealth game with RPG elements. It came out last week on consoles, now it's hitting PCs. Should you care? I'm not going to say you should not not not care, but it's hardly a must play by any stretch of the imagination

Horizon (PC)

What is it? A turn based strategy game. It looks interesting. Should you care? I don't know enough about it, so I am going to direct you to its Steam page so that you can make an informed call!

Project X Zone (3DS)

What is it? One of those fighters that draw on the strength of multiple different brands to become MEGA FIGHTING GAME X. Oh, I've been corrected — it's apparently more of an RPG. Forgive my ignorance! Should you care? I don't care. But it's not really my thing. I'm going to say get Fire Emblem instead!


    Isn't Project X Zone a tactical RPG not a fighting game?

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      its a bit of both... but very... VERY light on the fighting elements

        seemed pretty light on the tactics in the demo too.

        Let's just all agree, it's a game. *nods*

    Ride to hell is also out this week 4th July, and Dark isnt out on console till end of july also it is third person

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      Owen reckons it's a pretty bad game.

        Hilariously bad based on the gameplay videos out there.

        Yeah, I read that article. I'm still going to get it, but I'll import it from Amazon because it's less than half the price that EB are selling it for.

        I for one am glad that there's not much coming out. It gives me a chance to make a dent in my pile of shame and also pick up some of the recent games I haven't got yet like Luigi's Mansion 2, Bioshock: Infinite, Crysis 3 and Metro: Last Light.

          Haha same. I've got an ever growing pile. Besides Steam. I ended up uninstalling and 'hiding' all the games that I know I'll never finish.

          Bioshock: Infinite was excellent. That's certainly worthy of your time!

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    Sounds like a good week to catch up on my backlog.

      A good month even.

        If it's a month I'll be cracking out some retro consoles I think. I can feel some speed runs coming on!

          July is Shameless Gaming Month around here. Time to sit down and clear out the pile of shame.

          Mainly, it's because this month tends not to have many releases.

            The only two games coming out this month that are worth getting are the Metal Gear Solid Legacy Collection and Pikmin 3.

              Totally. I'm using this month to finally get started on Dead Island Riptide.

                Very hesitant with Riptide, the first Dead Island was good, but tapered off towards the end big time. Not sure if I want more of the same. Anyone played it? Worth a go if you smashed the original.

                  We love dead island riptide at my house but it's pretty similar to the first game. If you do play it, pick the punching character and level his kicking skills. Kicking zombies into walls is hilariously effective.

                  Yeah, I'm pretty wary of it too. Which was why I only rented it.

                  But you can buy it for really cheap from Play Asia (about $30 inc. shipping I think)

                  Hmm, thanks guys. Might get it, first was pretty fun. Hurry up you damn steam sales!

            Ah, it's July. I've been wondering when Pile O' Shame month was. Ok, time to start making my list.

            Total forgot about it being Shameless Gaming Month. Being trying to catch up for most of the year but they just won't let me rest with their quality releases.

            If your Pile of Shame is on Steam, does that make it a Steaming Pile of Sh...ame? :P

    All good, I have Hotline Miami on the Vita to keep me going...

    Rogue Legacy only just came out, so I'm still playing that

    Wow, I might actually see the sun in July! I guess something good may come out of the lack of games.

      I doubt you'll see much sun, being the middle of winter and all, but I get your point.

        Yeah, fair point. Back to the cave I go!

        All jokes aside, I read some interesting articles recently about the benefits of sunlight. Apparently it converts Nitrogen compounds into nitric oxide. Which is apparently beneficial to your health, including its ability to reduce the rate of heart attacks.

        Plus the sun helps with depression:

    Mortal Kombat 9 on PC this week too. Pretty excited to finally play it.

    You sure Dark came out? I thought it wasn't due out till end of the month this the start of this month? I think this is the 3rd time Dark was marked as 'out this week' about a month and a 1/2 too early. (I'm curious about the title)

      According to EB the PC version is out on the 7th (this sunday).

      And the console version on the 25th.

        Last week it was up for release on console according to 'this week in games' but its not due out till 25th of JULY not JUNE.

    Steam Summer Sale is due to start fairly soon, so don't count on getting through that backlog just yet.

    Also, we'll see Le Tour De France 2013 on ps3 and 360.

    Dry July? The Civ V expansion comes out this month. I'm going to be up until 4am every night going "Just... one... more... turn..."

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