Tonight's Nightmares Are Brought To You By This Last Of Us Cosplay

The last time we saw someone go the trouble of dressing up as a clicker from The Last Of Us, it was a work of art. These guys, while also impressive, are also a little more horrifying.

I'm not sure whether that's down to the costumes or the HDR, but it's good they remembered to mess their teeth up as well as their faces!

Amie Lynn and Richard Roth are the cosplayers, while Mike Rollerson took the photos.


    As someone who once dislocated his knee, the way she has her leg positioned is making me wince.

    Great job though. I wonder if they can see out of those things?

    these clickers are the closest real life thing to zombies cause the virus is actually real (but not yet effected on to humans yet)

    I bet she paid $300 for those ripped jeans.

    Awesome cosplay.

    The realism makes me cringe. I don't think those costumes can be topped without a person removing their own limbs for the sake of the cosplay gods.

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