Turns Out $100 Gets You A Pretty Good Skyrim Movie

Cosplayer and props builder Shannon Clawson wanted to make a Skyrim movie. So he spent $100, went out in the woods with some friends, braved -10C weather in little more than a tunic and got it done.

It's damn good!

And before you ask "how the hell did he make that Skyrim helmet for under $100?", he already had it. We featured it last year.

Skyrim: "Journey's End" [TheDangerousBrew]


    As you can see, the adventurer can take an arrow to the knee for maximum damage.

    haha yeah I wouldnt call this a movie with a budget of $100, the camera alone would of cost a heap, thats like a feature film saying it cost them $5000 because they already paid all their staff a year in advance and had all the equipment on set already there :P

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