Twenty Things You Might Not Know About The PS4

If you've been good about keeping up with all the latest information about the PS4, the stuff in this video by PlayStationAccess might not be a surprise to you. I found a couple of things that were new to me, though — like did you know that the touchpad on the DualShock is also a pressable button? Or that there are more than 140 games currently in development for the PS4?

Eh, eh?

For the rest of you, this is simply a good refresher on some of the things the PS4 has to offer. It's a lot to keep up with!

PS4: 20 Things You Didn't Know [PlayStation Access]


    This sounded like one big advertisement.

      I thought that was obvious when you look at who it was made by.

      Wow, you're right!

      That's so weird, I never thought a list of positive things could sound like an advertisement but it does!

    140 titles in production! Wow thats like 135 more than the wiiu! Also Cross game chat finally.

    Man I am torn between getting a PS4 or sticking with my PC. The only thing I am really missing is exclusives, but I think I also just miss console gaming in general.

      You can't do both? :P

      Why is it a one or the other choice, haha.. I doubt anyone is going to throw away their desktop just because they have a PS4 - or vice versa.

        buy a PS4 or commit to upgrading a PC. Not everyone can afford both.

          That's pretty much it.

            It all depends on what does your PC currently have and what are you intending to do upgrades wise.

            I look at it like this:

            A - Your PC is pretty much a need for upgrades at this time - you can buy a PS4 or Xbone
            B - Your PC is still pretty good but needs a little upgrade (ie. Video Card etc.) - you can still buy a PS4 or Xbone as they are not released until Christmas can still do both
            C - Your PC needs a overhaul or new PC entirely - then you need to decide which way to go (which is understanble)
            D - You don't care about PC gaming - decide between PS4 or Xbone
            E - PS4 and Xbone are crap....PC Gaming FTW - need I say more

            For me...I'm in column B. I'll will get a PS4 (maybe not at launch) but I will upgrade my PC first...

            Last edited 22/07/13 10:01 am

              sure that works for you (and perhaps a majority of readers on this site)

              However you still assume that people can afford a new graphics card now AND a new console at Christmas.

              I just spent $2800 on my car so it's either an upgrade or new console at Christmas time for me.

                Outside factors were not taken into effect when I made my comment...($2800 on your car is very high - depends on what you had done)

                I don't know that people wait until Christmas to upgrade their PC's (hence my coment for Option B) but each to their own - my options are very general and didn't include outside factors

          Seen as I have plenty of games I'm waiting to buy for my 7 year old PS3 [Last of Us, Beyond two Souls, GTA5, Ratchet and Clank Into the Nexus], I would gladly spend $400 on a PS4. Have a feeling this generation is going to be even better.

          My PC is now just ready and waiting for the consumer version of Oculus Rift, will upgrade it then, if necessary.

      I'm mostly a PC gamer too, I'll be getting a PS4 basically just for Naughty Dog. Man I love their games.

        Awesome PC plus PS4 for those irresistible games you can't get on PC like Naughty Dog and Konami stuff.

    For the record; Was totally distracted while commenting by:

    Good job, effective advertising *shakes fist*

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