Twilight Princess Looks Incredible Redone In Skyward Sword's Style

Here's a neat project by disbala, who is retexturing The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess to look like Skyward Swordthe newer Zelda game in the franchise, which features visuals which aren't as realistic.

The project has been going on for a couple of months now, with the video teaser appearing earlier this month. No word on when this will be finished, but still, it's cool to look at.

Also...this fan reception, which the creator highlights on the previously linked forum post, is amusing:

Fan Reception: "I have to say it doesn´t work for me." "I gotta say I'm not feeling this at all." "Doesn't fit the dark gritty feel of the game. I hate it." "Now, all we need to do is make SS with TP grapichs :3"

"It looks like a map in TF2." "Pretty cool, but doesn't look very good. I prefer the original."


    Yeah, as much as I adored the visual style of Skyward Sword, it fit THAT GAME. Twilight Princess is supposed to be dark and gritty, and a bright colour palette just doesn't suit it. Seems like a whole lot of work for not-much.

    Yeah i'm not sold. I much prefer the original.

    It works for skyward sword, but not TP... It just doesnt sit well with the theme of the game.

    i just wish u didnt have to use the wii contrallor i want to play games to relax and enjoy not swing my arms around like a crazy person attacking a fly, :C

      A flick of the wrist works just as well. Though if you're unwilling to submit to the sheer delight of motion controls because you're worried about how you look playing games, what do you care about fun?

        not nothing to do with what i look like i just hate motion controls

          Your complaint was specifically that you didn't want to "swing [your] arms around like a crazy person attacking a fly", and my response remains accurate. You don't have to. Had you said, "I hate motion controls", then I would have ignored you completely because you've got some kind of bias that, as far as I can tell, isn't grounded in any real reason.

          Also, excellent job at a speedy response, just under a month. Well done.

      Jesus hyperbole much?

      I barely moved my arms at all playing through the entirety of both SS and TP.

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