Twitter Rage Is Silly

If the past week has taught us anything it’s that people take imaginary guns really seriously, enough to say some really vile things. We also found out that saying some not very nice things can lead to games getting cancelled and in that situation we all lose.

It seems people have never been so angry at games, at the people who make games, and at each other for opposing views about games. I bet the biscuit industry never has these problems.


  • thanks, now I want biscuits. HOBNOBS RULE ALL. Down with those who speak of digestives

  • Agree except with Phil Fish. He’s a self-entitled crybaby. Fez wasn’t groundbreaking, and I don’t think the sequel is worth it for his ridiculous ego.

    • He’s probably just waiting for people to beg him not to give it up. Like a twelvie fishing for compliments.

    • Surely the gamers who gave him grief every single day are far, far more self-entitled than the guy who created an actual video game for them to play.

      • You can’t make comments about how you’re so famous and special and then turn around and say that you can’t be criticised in the public eye.

  • Sadly you can absolutely guarantee that confectionary companies would get tons of hate mail any time they change their recipies.

    • I once sent an email to… Extra? because their blueberry gum had too strong a smell. Like, when I took one out of the packet to chew, the whole office could smell it. They emailed me back thanking me for my feedback and they would continue to work on the strength of the smell. I felt accomplished.

      • I sent a feedback mail to Dominos once. I praised their staff at my local store, because they do good work. But I also criticized their two new ‘sides’ menu items – the cheesy puffs and the cinnamon puff things. Uninspiring, bland, flavourless bread-dough with hints of seasoning, they were pretty much unappetizing off-cuts with a truly terrible proportion of dough-to-flavour. It’s a sentiment that was echoed by many of my friends, and I felt that I had to warn a company that I otherwise regularly enjoyed, that this was perhaps a mistake.

        They replied back saying that they had plenty of positive feedback about these items, and that many were being ordered, but thanks for the feedback.

        Personally, I contend that many were only being ordered because of pop-up specials/coupons, and first-time curiosity that was not repeated. It seems my suspicions were vindicated – the item dropped off the menu a couple months later.

  • Other industry figures receive plenty of vitriol – I can only imagine what Michael Bay receives. The difference is that Fish is an arrogant, narcissistic, ego maniac that loves to dish out the hate but, when he receives it (justified or not, irrelevant) he has a tantrum, makes a vile response and then takes his bat and ball and goes home.

    Good riddance to him and his game.

  • Ain’t much better on here with the level of intelligence I’ve seen on here in the past few months people getting spam down voted over sharing there opinion moronic comments from clearly teenagers with nothing else better to do

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