Ubisoft Has Been Hacked, Is Recommending You Change Your Passwords

It's such a common occurrence nowadays that it barely counts as news, but it seems as though Ubisoft's websites were subject to an exploit granting hackers "unauthorised access" to some of its "online systems". It has sent out a series of emails to users recommending that they change their passwords immediately.

Ubisoft was quick to note, however, that no financial details were leaked, and no financial details are stored with Ubisoft, meaning that those details are perfectly safe.

For more info head here.


    I got an email regarding this, this morning and assumed it was one of many phishing emails that I receive on a daily basis telling me the same thing for a variety of my other accounts. The fact they included a direct link had me even more suspicious, lol.

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      I got the email as well. Was suspicious at first but it seems to be genuine.

    I received the email but was suspect as to how it was worded. Wasn't entirely convinced it was legitimate so I was quick to delete it.

    It goes to https://secure.ubi.com with identity verified and 128-bit encryption. It's not a phishing thing

    I checked through uplay once I got the email, first time for everything! The ubisoft website seems to be set up as one giant password changing loop, trying to add an avatar brings you back to the change password page. I'm not sure how much thought went into that...

    well, i forgot my ubisoft password so no issue there, maybe they will give it back to me?

      If you click the link, it allows you to reset without needing to provide the old password

        helpful but i lost the password for the email account and password reset wont work

    I thought that email was fake to try and get my password, guess I better go change it.

    It sucks being forced to sign up for a service you don't want just so you can play the game you bought, then they go and get your details stolen.

      That's why I left Blood Dragon on the shelf.

      ...Still badly want to play it though.

      I got railroaded into signing up through ANNO 2070, which ended up being an expensive broken turd of a game. Most intrusive annoying online drm type thing I've ever experienced. And now they can't even keep the door closed.
      I will think twice before getting anything from ubisoft again.

    Only reason why I have an account was to play a game I bought. Then my details are stolen.

    I never had an issue with MS's former proposed DRM on the Xbox One if it would have prevented me from having to sign up for all this custom DRM crap as well. Too hard to manage all the different systems.

    Hey, hey kids! Remember to change your password everywhere else if you're reusing the same one.

    Also I had to laugh at the little bar that indicates the strength of my new password. "Very strong" my ass given that it seems it doesn't matter what password I set.

    Who would have thought that my password might get compromised when every damn publisher wants me to set up an account just to play their game. Like paying them money wasn’t enough.

      Tell me about it!

      What annoys me more is the people who try to defend Origin and Uplay and all the other game specific accounts whenever I mention that I'd prefer to just get my game on Steam. I complained about Far Cry 3 having to use Uplay and the barrage of people calling me a "Steam fanboy" was unexpected. I'm not a steam fanboy, I'm a "I like all my games in one place so I don't need to worry about separate accounts and passwords and friends lists and library fragmentation and which DLC works with which version fanboy!". Add "getting one of your many accounts compromised" to the list.

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    I can't even remember putting in a password for this! I logged on thru the Xbox to get all the free themes!

    I got one this morning too, thought it was a scam. But the password must have been the same as my eBay one because that got hacked this morning too. Changed both passwords and I hope it's all fixed.

    "Ubisoft Has Been Hacked, Is Recommending You to cut your loses and go elsewere" *fix*

    Remind why it's supposed to be such a brilliant idea to make everything always online, with mandatory accounts that require passwords? I'll never understand people mourning Microsoft's decision to throw away it's always online DRM policy ... "oh no, please don't allow us to play our games offline! Doesn't the power of the cloud make it better?" Pffft.

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