War Does Change, Thanks Very Much

Everything you see here is taking place on a sandbox open world. With a brutally realistic physics and damage system. If this isn't what you want out of a combat simulator game, well, I don't know what the hell you do want.

ArmA 3 is out later this year.


    I cannot wait for this game. Unfortunately my computer is about 3 years behind being able to play it, but I can dream. I'll have to pay my mate a visit, for a few weeks.

      I'm upgrading just for this.

        I upgraDED just for this... with two HD7950 and every setting bar view distance totally maxed out, I'm getting anywhere from 30-60fps depending on what's on screen.

        Which, imo, is fine for a slow paced game like ARMA.
        Just ordered a joystick today for flying which should go well with my TrackIR until the Occulus Rift meets my standards (1080p, less bulky size).

        Should be pretty amazing.

      Arma 3 is greatly optimized, far better server communication too. Alpha saw server frame rates drop to about 15fps on an average rig, but the beta update really improved my statistics. Mine (6 years old) with a GTX285 would still run the game relatively well. Single player showcases ran well enough to enjoy thoroughly.

      Now on a new rig with a 660Ti I can get roughly 40-60fps easily.

    It looks good but can the vehicles all drive in a straight line??

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