Watch An Aussie Document His Journey Through The Competitive Fighting Scene

After one Australian goes through a self-described "mid-life crisis", his solution is to dive head first into the competitive fighting game scene. The hours of training, the research on frame counts, and the cruelly short, intense moments of competition that define the whole experience. The whole thing was documented by Corey Hague, and it includes interviews with notable pro gamers like Justin Wong.

It's a feature length documentary, and you can expect to watch a lot of Cammy combos and hands on joysticks. The protagonist here seems to have a base in FPS games, but still knows what it takes to compete at a high level, and aims to swing that competitive spirit over to Street Fighter 4 - avoiding pain with good ol' fashioned distraction.

If you've got a spare hour, enjoy!


    I used to work with the girl being interviewed around the 20 minute mark. Little bit unexpected..

    Does this count as a movie? Because if it does i can proudly tell people ive played Street Fighter against several movie stars! Good old Timeout in Box Hill.

    Good on this bloke for having a go and persevering. I thought the documentary could use some polish but I kind of enjoyed watching it.

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