Watch Somebody Play Lots Of The New Shadowrun Game

Shadowrun Returns is out later this month, but Loserific here has his hands on the game's alpha and has recorded half an hours' worth of footage for your enjoyment. You can get your hands on it yourself on July 25, because... well, that's when the game is out.

Shadowrun Returns LP- Life on a Limb - Episode 1 [YouTube, via Pocket Tactics]


    Oh my, this looks all sorts of spectacular :) Cannot wait!!!

    I'm pretty sure this is user-made content from the Mission Editor which was released to certain kickstarter backers.

    Looks good, but I'm sure the official campaign will be even better!

    I remember loving this on my snes. Looking forward to seeing some reviews!

    I backed this..... cant wait! The SNES version is in my top 5!

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