Watch The Game Built Entirely In QBASIC Being Played By Its Creator

Black Annex Gameplay Walkthrough - Indie DB Last Monday we profile Lance E. McDonald, the creator of Black Annex, the game being built entirely from QBASIC. Many of you expressed interest in actually seeing the game in action and now Lance has delivered, streaming a 40 minute walkthrough of some of Black Annex's gameplay.

One of the things that Lance wanted to stress during our conversations is that he wants Black Annex to stand on its own two feet as a game first and foremost. The high concept, and the way in which the game is being made is important — but it's all for nothing if Black Annex isn't actually good.

Thankfully Black Annex is looking very good and this vid is worth watching if you have any interest in this game, or games like it.


    Judas. QBASIC. I still remember the gorilla game where you threw bananas and destroyed those buildings. I tip my hat to you good sir!

      If I ever change my name, I think it will be to 'Judas Q. Basic'

      Also, can someone help me out by telling me what game those water coolers remind me so strongly of?

        The entire art style is based off Theme Hospital, but I don't know if that's what you're thinking of.

    There's a difference between QBASIC and QB64. Black Annex is made with the latter, the former isn't capable of making a game like that.

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