Watch The New Grand Theft Auto V Trailer Right Here

It's Grand Theft Auto V trailer day! Here's some new gameplay footage from Rockstar's open world extravaganza, which will be out for PS3 and Xbox 360 on September 17.

While you're here, why not check out some of GTAV's older trailers too?


    This game is going to rule in so many ways:
    Multiple ways to perform missions? Check.
    Buying real estate? Check.
    Base Jumping? Check.
    Tennis, golf and bike riding? Check.

    Love the change sequence between the protagonists, good way to hide a loading screen.

      I was sold at buying Real Estate. Finally, all those hours poured into Build-A-Lot will pay off!! ;)

    I like how you've posted this under PC :-P but anyways, here goes the end of September

    welcome to Grand theft auto: the just cause chronicles, pass methinks

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    Has the censorship board passed it yet? since all the debate about SR4?

      They clearly showed drug use in the trailer so I am going to say that probably not, and if it does something is clearly broken with the rating system. (Not suggesting that it isn't currently)

      Didn't see any in-game anal probes, so it looks like we're good.

        Yep! I don’t think it's been classified, but Saints Row got banned for a very specific reason.

        As long as they don’t put any interactive sexual assault in the game (no matter how “comical”), or specific drug usage (as a health pack or something similar) then they should be fine.

        The allowance for violence in games is a pretty big one, I think they only thing that could get it banned would be drug use. I don’t think they’d have any issues with sexual assault.

        You never see the anal probes until it's too late.

        There is medical Marijuana so that may not pass. There is a debate going on in our house right now. The room-mate thinks its "in context" enough to pass our ratings system, the gf thinks it will have to re-submit after an initial RC and they will change their paperwork to make it seem more "in-context", I think it'll get RC'd and censored (either taking the stores out altogether, or renaming the substance and sign) and then re-submitted and passed. In which case I will have to grey import. I will only pay for games as the devs want me to play them.

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      GTA is a class above Saints Row. Doubt this will get banned

    This gives me a feeling they really wanted to move in their own direction from what Saints Row is doing, and this actually a good thing because they could have easily felt pressured to compete with Saints Row. Not that it mattered to me because I'm happy to have both in my life, but the effort to distinguish itself is appreciated.

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      It's only a good thing :P Battlefield destroyed itself from within in actively competing with Call of Duty instead of carrying on with what made battlefield great.

        elaborate? Battlefield is 10X better than call of doody

          I think you misinterpreted my meaning. My fault, I probably wasn't entirely clear:

          Call of Duty is a series that banks on casual play and simple mechanics.
          Battlefield has always been about battle on a grander scale, with all manner of vehicles.
          Today's battlefield games still have several of the elements that have made them great, but there are a few areas where it's apparent they've tried too hard to compete with Call of Duty rather than focusing on what makes battlefield preferrable.

          I don't enjoy Call of Duty, nor have I enjoyed the reskins they've released on a yearly basis. I wasn't calling either a bad game, I just hate to see a good game start to clone and compete with something as repetitive and simple as call of duty instead of separating itself and remaining distinguishable.
          Call of Duty is great as a casual game, and appeals to a pretty large audience in that manner, which is fine. The two should be very different games, appealing to their respective audiences and bettering themselves for said audiences rather than trying to pull numbers from the other side and in turn taking away what makes each experience unique.

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    Amazing video. Not sure why there is so much hate, that looks incredible...

      Always going to be against-the-curve hipsters :P
      All you can do is enjoy what you know is enjoyable; most of the naysayers will probably end up pouring hours into it anyway. :)

    looks like they took some stuff from red dead.

      Elaborate? :P I wouldn't be surprised if there were similarities since Rockstar North did some work on RDR and it's on the same engine. Besides, it's hardly a bad thing; RDR was a good game.

        I think what he means is more fluid gun play, the weapon choosing ring, stuff like that, which can only be a good thing because Red Dead was amazing and still is.

        I loved all the other 3D GTAs but HATED GTA4, it felt so sterile and actually sucked all the fun out of it. Also the controls were terrible, everything felt sluggish and unresponsive, the cars felt like you were driving on ice and the gunplay felt horribly unpolished.

          Fair enough - though can kinda see that as natural development if you look at the differences starting from GTA IV (first Euphoria-engine GTA, first on next-gen) to Max Payne 3 (most recent game from R* using the engine). The gunplay in Max Payne 3 was paramount to that experience, and the weapon-wheel was there too.
          Like I said, anything they do pull from natural progression is a good thing, as RDR was a great game. :P

          I know what you mean re. GTA IV; especially coming from San Andreas where there was a ton more variety. We got a coffee-stained and bleak city, early-Euphoria problems such as endless stumbling and random trip-related deaths... But I kinda pegged them down as teething problems in the new generation and on a relatively new engine. I see GTA V as the amalgamation of everything they've done right so far - and they've polished the engine in all of those areas (gunplay, controls), improvements that you can see if you look at each successive entry on the engine.

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      Totally, this looks like Red Dead Redemption but with cars.

        But I thought Red Dead was GTA with horses?

          Yes, so this is GTA with horses without horses.

          Bully was Max Payne with tuckshops!

    I'm worried this will get banned for the scene at 2:04 it's clearly a "medical marijuana" store and down here any use of drugs for a positive manner get banned, and I think the board will pick up on the fact it has the word "medical" written and take that as a positive effect of drugs, hopefully not but who knows with our retarded inconsistent ratings

      I was worried about this too but Franklin smells it and immediately puts it in his pocket so i think it's just one of those random things the protagonists do off screen.

      Anyways, drugs have played a huge role in previous GTA games, as long as its not tied to a "reward or incentive" then it should be alright, Rockstar have never used drug consumption as a reward before, i doubt they would start now.

      All i say is i'm cautiously optimistic.

        If not banned then possibly censored version for Australia like GTAIV??? I for one hope not.

          Well I have read so many things about a "censored" gtaiv but I've looked online and the copy I grabbed from JB was the exact same as any other version I saw

            I bought the game day of release and noticed there was no blood, ordered a version from UK and was shocked at how different it was, in uncut you could shoot someone in head and a pool of blood would slowly form around the body you could then make footprints in the blood, you could also choose which favour you wanted from prostitutes, all missing from the original AU version.

              Yeah I got day 1 release and had all that sort of stuff

                which country are you in? it was a pretty big deal at the time, we in New Zealand got the Australian cut version.

          GTA IV eventually got released uncensored for all platforms here when they released the PC version.

    The thing i am worried about is vehicle handling, i broke a controller over flight handling in GTA: SA.

    I want it real enough so the cars have weight and feel but arcadey enough to be fun, i don't want the controls set up like im actually trying to fly a real plane.

    Other then that, this looks fucking awesome and i absolutely cannot wait.

      Flying planes in GTA: SA was ok, not great, but compared to driving a normal car in GTA4 it was EASY. I don't know why a normal sedan would spin out of control doing 20kms around a simple corner on an asphalt road, it was like driving on an ice lake the entire time.

        once you learnt how the car physics drove it was quite easy and so much better than these games where you can basically press handbrake and go round any corner at any speed

      Ive been an (almost) everyday gamer for over 25 years and I've never broken a controller... Worn them out for sure but never broken. I tend to quit before rage takes its toll.

        I broke my PS1 once, not the controller, the whole console. But that was my version of rage quitting at the time. Can't even remember what game it was over now. I hated the GTAV cars for the first few hours but after a while it was ok, same with Saints Row III and Sleeping Dogs.

        But flying that bloody dodo in GTA3 was an exercise in patience, the QWOP of its day.

    handling was perfect in GTAIV

      perfect if you were playing with 5 broken fingers and using a cheese grater instead of a controller maybe.

    There is going to be so much to explore in this game.

    I wanna get a dirtbike and head for the hills like in San Andreas!

    I'm worried they've made the vehicle handling too light again. I loved the handling in GTA4. I guess I'll have to wait and see.

      Wasn't the general consensus that vehicle handling in GTA4 was the tits? I think they'll stick with what's good. :P

    I spotted medicinal marijuana in the trailer.
    What's the bet the ACB ban this game?

      In that state, it will be refused for sure.

        Even though this happened today:
        The double standards in this country amaze me. How can anyone say the MJ is worse than booze?

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          The double standards in this country amaze me. How can anyone say the MJ is worse than booze?

          This! I don't touch that stuff, but I've said it ad nauseum that the double standards don't make any sense. Tens of thousands of people die here each year due to cigarettes which are legal.

            Booze is wildly destructive compared to weed, especially legalized weed, look at Amsterdam, they are all like 'ya, ok, whatever' no problems at all except for drug tourists, even reduced heroin usage (*probably not true). I guarantee less people will be king hit outside clubs if the drunkards are taking king hits first, everyone knows booze before grass puts you on your arse.

            Synthetic weed is the time bomb, that shit is dodgy as hell, some of it is weak and does nothing, some of it gets you mong'd out for 20-30mins and is predictable and rational. But then there is the stuff that is closer to DMT, rapes your skull and spits out random equations.

            Summary: cigarettes are a slow but assured death, alcohol is a chaotic and violent death and synthetic weed is like taking a drink from a public water fountain, you just don't really know what type of death may happen. But weed, well it is just like 'ya, ok, whatever'...

            See these aren't double standards, they are no standards at all.

    Sorry, but I'm not even remotely close to being convinced that this 'video was captured entirely from in-game footage' when running on current gen consoles, especially when GTAIV didn't look as good as this and severely struggled to hold even 30FPS.

    In this article, Stephen Totilo explains how when he's seen the game being played on a PS3 dev kit, that it wasn't what he'd been led to believe ...

    "I suggested to the Rockstar reps I was talking to that their trailers are captured off of a PC, off of something that's pumping out better graphics. The version I was watching them play might be an older build, they said, but, no, the trailers are captured from PS3/360-standard machinery.

    I asked them this again, hours later, to be sure.

    Yes, they said. The trailers are, as always, running in the game's graphics engine, mixing gameplay and cutscenes, and—their phrase, not mine—it's current-gen footage. Maybe what they capture for trailers is just staged well. I don't know. Or maybe the graphics will look better and better as the game gets closer to release. GTA V is by no means ugly. It looks quite nice. But what I saw in trailers never looked current-gen to me. What I saw played in front of me did."

    It's going to be interesting to see Digital Foundry's analysis on this game when it's released. My money is on them not being too impressed with image quality and framerate. I'd rather wait and see if it comes out on PC, thanks. It was VERY painful to play GTA IV on a current gen console ... I'm sure it's not going to be any different for GTA V.

    C'mon ... they can't squeeze that much more power from machine's that are 7 and 8 years old.

    It does look tasty, and I didn't really go for GTA4...

    If they were to use the base game assets and recreate GTA3-SA as, I'd buy that.

    I'm interested to know if you can influence the housing /stock market by making the crime rate spike for a few in game weeks/months then buy Everything ya can and fix the problem and earn big

    I found myself getting board with this style of game, but Sleeping Dogs was great and this trailer makes me actually want to play this.

      Sleeping dogs was ace! Had a blast with that game, especially for the ridiculously low price it's come down to.

    As long as it doesn't get censored for the MJ my fully paid pre-order will stand. $170 at EB. Sigh.

      Which edition is this? I reckon the Collector's Edition is a little weak. The cap is cool but the other items aren't that appealing for the price. :(

    It probably didn't bother anyone else, but I always wished they had an option in the menu where you could center the camera on the car, not the player in the car. I know it's cinematic and all, but it always felt 'off center' for me.

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