Watch This Idiot Eat A Crazy Chilli While Reviewing The Deadpool Game

There are plenty of video game reviews online, but this one is hot, hot, hot. This guy ate a super-spicy habanero pepper before dropping his review of the new Deadpool game on us. This guy is a lunatic.

The review is tough viewing, because our reviewer doesn't have anything to put out the fire before he delivers his verdict.

The habanero pepper is up to 350,000 Scoville units of heat. That means it's around 100x hotter than a jalapeno pepper. And he ate a whole one. GUH.

Some good insights into the Deadpool game, though: the difficulty curve is less a curve and more of a sharp step up from Easy and Medium where it's far too simple, up to Hard where two hits will kill you. That's pants.

The game is reportedly more of a fan exercise rather than a AAA title for everyone. Still, there's fun to be had, both in watching this video and playing this game.

Originally published on Gizmodo


    Habanero are ok, but a bit weak on the scale when compared to others that are quite tasty and edible by themselves.

    I grow Butch T at home, up to around 1,500,000 SHUs. I have them on homemade pizza.

    This guy has some crazy dedication! It'd make me cry just looking at the thing. Thumbs up to him!

    I don't get why people always seem to bring up jalapeƱos when talking about chillies and comparing hotness. I always thought they were ridiculously mild.

      That would be because they are ridiculously mild. A better analogy would be that the Habenero is around one third as hot as a Naga Morich (Of which I have some delicious source in my fridge. It tastes amazing... Until the back of your throat starts burning. It's more of an afterburn) and the Ghost Pepper (Which is tasty too.)

    At least no one's used my idea of dictating a game review whilst taking a shit.

    Stay tuned.

    Not as stupid as this idiot. Eats 3 Douglah's/Chocolate 7-Pot chilies. I grow Douglah's and well... insanity comes to mind. I test them out on someone who I (used to) believe is immune to hot food. He spat the Douglah's out cause it was too hot.

    Anyone that could do a 5-10 minute game review after eating a Douglah while remaining composed would have to be an immortal.

    Common at least do it with a ghost chilli or trinidad scorpion!

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