Watch Us Play…Killzone Mercenary. It’s Ender’s Game Minus The Bugs

We played through a preview build of Killzone Mercenary, just for you. Turns out it’s not half bad if you’re looking for a way to stab some necks on your Vita. Check out the video to see how to touchscreen swipe someone to death. Killzone Mercenary hits Vita September 4th.


  • Curious to see if you can disable the touch screen events, because the core game actually looks amazing, with just a heap of unnecessary bloat on top, FPS games really suffer from touch screens I’ve found from playing the Modern Combat games on Android.

    Just because a console has a certain feature dosen’t mean you have to use it game developers 😛

  • This actually looks like an awesome game. I wish you previewed more gunplay instead of all the melee. Do the enemies have rag doll physics or are all animations canned?

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