Well, This Farming Simulator Trailer Sure Is... Different

Here, we get to witness a rather extreme approach to farming (at least compared to the Farming Sim 2013 trailer). Heck, even the video title on YouTube is in all caps. Must be the effects of making the console leap.

In any case, Farming Simulator is hitting PS3 and Xbox 360 in "the first week of September".


    It's no 'Train simulator bitch motherfucker'... but it's not bad.

    Until now I didn't realise I wanted a farming simulator. But now I feel like I need it.

    Never forget


      No Scope

      Corn Shot

      Ban this sick filth.

    Still doesnt beat that extreme forklift simulator trailer! Hahaha

    I can only buy one game this year, GTA or Farming Simulator. Call me crazy but I'm going for Farming Simulator. I mean, did you see all those tractors? There must have been like a hundred! And it looks like you can plow fields. Bet you can't do that in GTA.

    This also reminds me of: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sYkbbMA3ozQ

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