What Are You Playing This Weekend?

I'm now currently engaged in a month of Shameless Gaming, but that doesn't mean I'm not playing catch up on recent releases. In fact — at this point I still see The Last Of Us as a game on my pile of shame — I haven't quite finished it yet! This is the weekend people. This is the time!

I recently finished Hotline Miami on the PS Vita, which was arguably the biggest obstacle to me actually playing the rest of The Last Of Us, so I think I'll finally be able to turn on the PS3 and get busy. I am enjoying The Last Of Us, but I'd be lying if I said that it didn't feel like a grind at times. I respect the work that has gone into this game, respect the polish. Respect the writing. But that doesn't necessarily mean that it's a game that's enjoyable to play from moment to moment. It often isn't.

I expect I'll get the time to play, but this is Wimbledon weekend and my fellow Scotsman Andy Murray is still involved. Also it's UFC weekend! Games are going to be competing with many other passions of mine for my limited free time. I also have a six month old to look after. Urgh, the perils of grown up life.

What are you guys playing this weekend?


    Hotline Miami on PS Vita, and The Walking Dead: 400 Days.

    Call of Duty BoPs II or mw3 with mates, or does GoT boardgame count?

    Just bought The Last of Us. Hopefully I actually get some time to play it...

      I went out and bought a new PS3 just so I could get this game. About an hour into it so far. I am a tad disappointed so far. I was expecting more of a GTA style open world. Seems a bit too linear for my likings so far.

        It doesn't really get any better. The best you can hope for is a number of fairly large levels to explore. You can backtrack a fair bit in areas, but generally you'll be gently guided down a linear path, like in Uncharted.

    I've been playing Sly Cooper 1 as part of the HD collection I bought ages ago. Might get back into Borderlands 2 to try out the latest DLC. And Animal Crossing!

    Received a free rental copy of 'The Last of Us' today so I'm likely to be playing that over the weekend.

    Dead Island Riptide as well.

    I'm going to play it cool this weekend and get some house chores done. ;)

    Going to try and get through The Last of Us so I can move onto other stuff. I plan to do most of my shameless gaming when I am on leave after next week, but I absolutely have to get through TLoU ASAP. It's too hard to avoid spoilers!

      Unrelated to TLoU, but: (Half-Life spoilers ahead)
      When Portal 2 / HL:e2 came out, all of my friends downloaded half-life whilst I chose Portal. While I was playing I reaped the consequences of my choice in the form of several messages along the lines of "Eli dies." :P

      Ever since, I've had a mental list of those among my friends who tend to spoil plots for me for their own sick pleasure; I'm sure to tread carefully and avert my eyes / close conversation windows whenever they attempt!

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    Will look to play The Walking Dead : 400 Days tonight, which shouldn't take that long.

    Unlikely to get much other gaming in, as far as I'm aware we will be shopping and seeing family on each weekend day.

    Though I will make an effort to start The Last Of Us.

    Well, tomorrow i'm playing the IRL game called "dodge the humpback whale" on my kayak while attempting to find some snapper for dinner. After that (assuming I survive) I'll finish my Boo collection in Luigis Mansion 2, and get stuck into the new game of Seiken Densetsu 3 which I really shouldn't have started the other day.

      That first game sounds pretty boring but Luigi's Mansion should be rad.

    Continuing with my Survivor+ playthough of The Last of Us. Past the halfway point and not finding it too difficult. Although I have had to replay a few of the combat sequences over and over. Might give the multiplayer a go after I'm done. I hear it's actually decent

      Fight or flight!

      When you give Ellie the bolt-action rifle in the Plaza, you can run to the freezer at the far back / along the right, allow yourself to be seen entering the building, and hide just by the doorframe in the freezer. Then you can just suffocate the bandits one by one as they come in. xD

      And for the fireflies: the first segment you'll either stealth-clear or sneak up to the counter at the back and kill the dude before barring that door, but as for the second segment - memorise the patrols to the right, there's a way to sneak past all of them without being seen (their patrols are timed with decent gaps for you to slip by). Then throw a smoke bomb at the exit door and make a run for it; you'll be through the door without so much as a scratch :P

      At least, those are two areas I remember where the option to simply skip a fight is either impossible or rather tricky. :P

        Actually I managed that plaza part without too much difficulty. Although it seemed like the enemies were endless for a while.

        Might use that second suggestion towards the end though. Cheers!

          I was attempting to stealth it on my playthrough, but when I got spotted I ran to the freezer... And that's when I realised they were literally walking in one-by-one, and I could kill them all without using any ammo/supplies :P even one by one they did seem kinda endless.

          For me the most challenging one was the fireflies. They all have assault rifles, they're in great number, and a lot of them have tough armour. For me sneaking past them was the best option, but you could also go full-assault, since whatever ammo/supplies you have up to that point you might as well just use. For what it's worth, that el diablo revolver kills the armoured guys in one shot when suitably upgraded, could save ammo for that or something too :P

          There's that point before the final chapter where you fight the masses of infected in the tunnels, but you can either sneak past the whole lot on a particular path (even the bloaters) or literally save up enough flamethrower ammo since that weapon is brilliant against pretty much everything infected (literally keep bloaters permanently incapacitated with short bursts) :)

          No worries, anyway. Like you said, it's not really that difficult, and even the tricky parts have a method to them. Just thought I'd offer a few methods in that case :P
          Hideo Kojima has made every high-difficulty run in non-MGS games seem kinda tame given MGS4's big-boss emblem runthrough xD

            On my hard playthrough I started stealthing past the end part of the tunnel. The part with 2 bloaters and a couple of clickers. They spotted me and I hightailed it outta there into the narrow hallways nearby. Left a molitail behind me which took out the clickers and runners. And then used the flamethrowers to finish off the bloaters. Bit of a fluke for the first go, but I'm hoping it might work again for this playthrough.

            My main problem is although I try to stealth my way around; I still want to pickup all "parts" to upgrade. So I find myself killing all the enemies via stealth just to clear the area out. Taking a lot longer than I'd hoped. But still very enjoyable.

              From the sounds of it you shouldn't have too much trouble :)
              I snuck along the right wall until I reached that hallway, killed the first runner in there, then took the door to the left and cut across to the left wall by a truck; I waited and then threw a smoke bomb as far as I could towards the hallways; the sound made everything run towards it while I made my way to the exit point; remarkably, Ellie dropping the crate doesn't attract anything :P

              I trust you've started a new game plus, completed the first chapter on whatever difficulty, then quit to the menu, used chapter select and selected survivor? That way you can complete the game on survivor without having to go through it on survivor+ again if it's trophies you're after. It's an exploit but I really didnt fancy playing the whole game through twice on the same difficulty; play it through on survivor+ that way and you'll get the trophy for regular survivor as well.

                I'll be sure to use more smokebombs in situations like that. I hardly use them tbh.

                Yep I sure have. I wasn't too enthused about playing through the same difficulty twice either. Was quite happy to read about that method after originally finishing it on hard.

                  Heh, I barely used them either. Would have tons of sugar but my explosives went towards nail bombs. :P

                  But occasionally they are amazing tools for stirring an entire area to one position, since they make a lot more noise than bottles/bricks. And in that last firefly fight, like I said, you can use it to obscure the door so you can literally run past the soldiers and open it.

                  Haha. Just checking :P it's just that New Game+ is hardly different to playing regularly so it just feels like I'm playing the hardest difficulty twice. I don't like exploiting games but this one is an exception I didn't think twice about >.

              I just played this part this morning and bizarrely the only enemies in the tunnel were three 'inactive' runners in the maintenance area. I didn't see any other enemies but heard the clicker sound and Ellie said "Wow, there are so many of them" when there was nothing there. Maybe I skirted the trigger point or something, as I was generally hugging the wall, but I was also exploring every nook and cranny as per usual. Passing strange!

                Wow that is strange. The last area before you leave should have many enemies. You lucked out there!

                  Yeah, I was waiting for the enemies to appear and wondering what would be the trigger. I had lines of retreat planned and everything, but after I killed the three runners in the maintenance area with arrows there was nothing else. I knocked down the crate and moved on...

    Final Fantasy XIV beta again. Gonna test out that Duty Finder :o

    Off topic but related to the game I'm playing: Lightning (FFXIII) is going to make an appearance in FFXIV:ARR.

    Lanning it up with a mate for his birthday this weekend, which means copious amounts of BF3, Homeworld 2, CoH 2 and Arma 3. Taking my Vita for in between downtime, and I'll be trying to collect the rest of the masks on Hotline Miami, as well as continue with Muramasa Rebirth.

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    If the last two days are any indication, more Rogue Legacy. I'm terrible at this game but I just can't stop playing. Weirdly, it manages to scratch the same itch as both Dark Souls and Hotline Miami, which are the other two games that I've been meaning to play.

    Not feeling guilty though, it's just too damned fun.

      Rogue Legacy man, scratching an itch I didn't know I had. I think I'm level 129, beat the Castle and Forest bosses but everything else kicks my arse!

      Rogue Legacy is devouring my free time at the moment - although I have leveled up enough to take on other areas, I cannot stop scouring every inch of the castle on my way through and dealing sweet one shot retribution...

      Totally agree with the Dark Souls reference - although you die a lot, the incremental progress in your own skill prepares you for success on your future runs. Absolutely loving this game.

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    100%'d the Last of Us a week ago like a total nerd ;)

    This weekend I'll probably try and get more into Company of Heroes 2. Some things I like, some changes I don't.

    For example, I'm definitely not a fan of the commander system; they're hardly varied, grant maybe 1-2 bonus unit types each along with maybe an ability or two and a passive, you choose your commander during the game and for the rest of the game (for god knows what reason) some points continue tallying up as abilities are unlocked automatically...? In the first game, despite being an RTS with only two sides opposing eachother, the different doctrines/companies varied it up a lot more, and you could actually spend your points, further changing how each round might play / what you got sooner.

    Getting there though; it doesn't really have the same impact that the first one did on my amazement nerve :P but it's still decent fun.
    Though I kinda need the online players I'm matched with to realise that the Russian conscripts are perfect for reinforcing existing experienced squads, not as a main combat unit that you spend your manpower on for the entire match. Their combat potential is actually quite abysmal (another change I'm not a fan of is not having those little unit effectiveness numbers that showed you with a value from 1-10 how effective said unit was against certain types of units). I have a feeling that if it actually showed how low their combat effectiveness was, people would use them for their true purpose rather than just sending waves of conscripts to die whilst our opponent racks up veterancy points on units that can actually hit their targets. :P

    TLDR (I did faff on a bit there): Company of Heroes 2 for the most part, and perhaps a game from my own pile of shame (I never finished Alice: Madness Returns. ONE DAY.)

    Getting trucked, driving my Volvo in Euro Truck Sim 2. Never thought id have so much fun driving a truck.

    Heaps of Rogue Legacy, already done two playthroughs of 400 days, Sonic All Stars Racing Transformed is having a free weekend on steam, seems fun, might even buy it.

      Sonic Transformed is a underrated game imo, after you start getting more advanced with trick/risk/drift/startline boosts the game can get pretty technical to race in.

    Real Life Hotline Miami.

    ie Weekend on the Gold Coast.



    Project X Zone, I'm really hooked on this game something about its repetition makes it entertaining.

    Apart from that maybe AC 2(Only console based AC game I've yet to finish. =/)

    Depending on time constraints, I'll hopefully get through some more XCOM, and maybe throw in some Acranum to scratch that RPG itch. Just keep wishing I had more time!

    gonna finish tlou tomorrow, and then whack in tomb raider

    Well this weekend I'll be ... outside, at least on the way to ozcomiccon where I get to be inside again

    I'm hoping to play through some walking dead on sunday though

    I'm planning on forcing myself to finish The Walking Dead. I've had it on Steam since October, and I've only played the first episode, kept getting distrac- ooh, shiny...

    *surreptitious cough* I'm cautiously optimistic that I'll finish it this time.

    I'm finishing Atelier Rorona (Currently on the last assignment) and then moving onto Atelier Totori although I'll probably be playing the latest BL2 DLC with some friends at some point. There will also probably be some Fire Emblem: Awakening slipped in there somewhere.

    I will be playing an exploration game, on a quest to find a store selling a 3DS in a colour other than pink.

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