What Are You Playing This Weekend?

As you are reading this, I will most likely be on a flight to Scotland. If I am playing anything, it will most likely be Thomas Was Alone on my PS Vita, or Fire Emblem on the 3DS if I can be bothered going back to it! What will you be playing this weekend?

To be perfectly honest, I think I'll be taking this little three week holidays as a hiatus from video games. I'll be in another country, far from the discussion, far from Twitter. It should be great, I'm really looking forward to it actually!

What are you playing this weekend?


    Skyrim Dragonborn and Dark Souls Prepare to Die Edition.

    The steam sale. My 1 weakness.

    Battling through the witcher and its chunky combat. Chunky or not its still awesome!

    I tried to play The Last of Us last night but I've been sick all week and got the shits with it. I'll have another go tonight. I also think my wife wants me to join her in Borderlands 2 because she's finding the Tiny Tina DLC a bit difficult to solo. I've wanted to go back for the DLC but I was a bit underwhelmed by the Torgue stuff, so I haven't bothered yet.

    But as of 5pm today I'm on annual leave for two weeks, so I plan to do some serious catching up.

      2 weeks annual leave? Zomg I'm jealous :(

        As much as I'm looking forward to the break I'm not looknig forward to the pile of work that will be waiting for me when I return. As it is, no one ever takes leave because we're too busy, which caused HR to have a fit about how our entire team had a backlog of nearly 4 weeks.

          Sounds familiar...

          "Sure, take leave whenever you like! But if you don't meet target, you're fired."


            Well, I've cleared my diary for two weeks and I'm well ahead on KPIs. It's just that the last time I took leave (over Christmas, which is the quiet time of year) I came back to about 200 emails.

    I'd love to get more of Fire Emblem Awakening done, but I'll also be playing GTA:EFLC and Animal Crossing: New Leaf

    Fire Emblem: Awakening, Animal Crossing New Leaf and The Last of Us Survivor mode (started last night, 2nd play through of game). Finally finished with the secret bosses in KHBBS Final Mix version on Monday, which is now 100%complete for me (bar for missing meeting a character or so in one of the stories, but I couldn't care less about that).

    I will also be doing the flying game, flying to london tomorrow morning. Have my macbook air packed, so may play a little bit of The Binding of Issac or FTL.

    I refuse to comment until I see how awesome the STEAM SALE is!

    Current plan is some Halo 4 campaign and some Borderlands 2.
    Considering I'm currently sitting in a warm office with people coughing, sniffling and complaining of headaches, I also suspect I'll be playing the "fight off the plague" game...

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    Weekend is reserved for Mario & Luigi: Dream Team Bros.

    Finishing off the Last of Us and will finally get started on LOZ: Ocarina of Time after an 11-year hiatus.

    It's been a long time coming.

    Also, hasn't anyone played Ocarina of Time (Wii VC) on an HDTV? How does it look?

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      They have upped the resolution to 480p ( I think it was something ridiculous like 320x240 on the N64) so it should look like a Wii game with a lower polygon count.

        Thanks man, I was worried that it was gonna look really grainy like the other VC games (i.e., Castlevania IV).

    Im gonna try and finish Shadows of the Damned and Max Payne 3 this weekend. Also I feel like about to hit the home stretch in RDR having just seen off Reyes

    Probably play some Rocksmith, though i'm currently holding off playing until I can afford a new strap, preferably one of these. Since I had forgotten how heavy my bass actually was *shakes fist*

    Well I was going to try to fit in some Warhammer painting around work... but the bloody steam sale has started, so I'll probably be playing all sorts of random things this weekend.

    As usual, BOARD GAMES!

    Also Dark Souls, Hotline Miami and Luigi's Mansion 2. I'm looking forward to finally digging into Luigi's Mansion 2 properly.

    Started playing DOTA last night, it's OK.

    Splinter Cell Double Agent

    Silent Hill: Book of Memories (VITA) and if I finish, I'll start my runthrough of all Assassins Creed games on PS3 (and VITA) which should take the me the majority of the rest of the year given the amount of free time I have :D

    The Last of Us multiplayer. have one more trophy to get the platinum :)

    This weekend's going to be pretty much Aterlier Totori, Borderlands 2 with friends and Fire Emblem: Awakening. Oh, and I'll also be playing the "Wait Until A Game Becomes Its Cheapest On Steam" game.

    Some Civ V Brave New World, but if that gets too much for me, Endless Space.

    I'll be playing the steam sale!

    Hit a glitch during the week that corrupted my 78% Uncharted 3 save file >:( It must be pretty good, because I've played pretty much back to that bit again. Let's see if it fucks up this time...

    Oh, and Xcom. The Cave. MGS4. Many, many things to play...

    Ico HD edition. I missed it on release but loved Shadow of the Colossus.

    Muramasa until I get sick of it, then either dick around in FFXIV before the end of the current beta phase when everything gets wiped, or get stuck into one of the games I wanted to finish this month (either Ys: Oath in Felghana or Atelier Rorona)

    Get the last trophies in inFamous: Festival of Blood
    then Red Dead Redemption
    Try to finish MGS2HD on Vita so I can start on MGS3HD
    play some MtG2014 as well

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