What Are You Playing This Weekend?

I'm giving serious thought to surrendering to my pile of shame. Serious, serious thought. Maybe this weekend will be when I finally surrender. Either that, or I'll seriously try to catch up on… something.

I've been making my way slowly through Deux Ex: The Fall on mobile, so that will probably continue. There's always Hotline Miami for the Vita to play (again), and for entirely random reasons, I started playing Dead Rising 2 again the other night. This is perhaps why my pile of shame grows rather than shrinks. 
What about you? What's on your gaming radar this weekend?


    The Last of Us multiplayer. Up to week 11 in my hunter journey, so hope to finish that and move onto the Firefly journey this weekend. Really enjoying multiplayer so far. It's so different to the usual fps multi.

    Will be playing Cubeworld, and finally finishing Mass Effect 3.

    Probably some Borderlands 2 with friends in addition to finishing Atelier Totori and getting into some Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate.

    Oh, and of course, playing the Steam sale end game.

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    I am going to power through the last twelve missions in WarCraft: Orcs and Humans then hopefully start WarCraft 2.

    edit: Oh, and of course, Animal Crossing but that's a daily given :P

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    After finishing the quite enjoyable Remember Me. I might go back and finish what i know will end up a terrible Suicide Mission run from ME2.

    Most likely finish deus ex human revolution. Might even try a new game like guns of Icarus or something

    I don't know, all my games have suddenly become boring, I might play around with some GTA IV mods.

    Been on a bit of a "dead" theme lately. Just finished The Walking Dead, tonight I'll continue with Deadpool, once I've finished that, I'll move on to Dead Island.

    More Dark Souls PTDE. I made it to the new content and got killed instantly so it's back to ye olde areas to get better stuff and level up some more.

    Catching up on some old stuffs I've neglected a little.

    Got No More Heroes: Heroes Paradise sitting here.
    And if I finish that got No More Heroes 2: Desperate Struggle.

    Aside from that I'm dabbling in my random pick ups from the Steam sale.
    Looking forward to giving Rollercoaster Tycoon 3 more of a look.
    Amongst a bunch of other things.

    I have the very best intentions to go back to The Last of Us but every time I sit down I play Hotline Miami instead. So I'm not even going to pretend I'll play anything else.

    Booze filled weekend. I'm sorry games, you will just have to wait. Except for you CandyCrush & SongPop. Your mobility allows me indulge wherever I may be. I salute you guys.

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    Finally, a proper Aussie release for it!

    I've just started Dragon's Dogma so hopefully I'll get some time with that this weekend. I'm really enjoying it.

    I'll be hitting Animal Crossing and The Witcher2 while I wait for my new WiiU to update how ever many gigs of patches it needs to work fresh out of the box.

      Nice, enjoy.

        Cheers. I've been putting it off due to the small game library, but it's starting to improve now. Time to play with my Wii Wii...

        ...and yes, I will be leaving my Wii next to my Wii U so I can point and giggle while my darling wife rolls her eyes. :D

    Most likely the same as last week. Saturday will be spent on Borderlands 2, Sunday will be spent on Civ V. Picked up the Brave New World expansion for $20 on GMG yesterday, so will probably be trying out the new systems. Once I've conquered the Dutch, at least - they said I was a warmongering backstabber... so I shall not rest until they are destroyed.

    I think I'll finish Ace Attorney today, so not that. Maybe Ghost Trick next \o/

    Only have the netbook this weekend so something from GOG. Theme Hospital I reckons.

    I'll be trying to finish up The Last of Us than hit up the Mass Effect 3 DLC.

    I got 3 new games for my Birthday: The Last of Us, Bioshock Infinite and Tomb Raider. I'll be getting started on one of those this weekend...exactly which one I haven't decided yet.

    Some stream sale games dues ex human revolution and last remnant and maybe saints row 3

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