What If The Original Super Mario Bros. Was Remade In HD?

Nintendo has never, and likely will never, do something this drastic to its most important game. The New Super Mario Bros. series is close enough, thanks. But let's imagine that, one day, the company goes crazy/pulls a Capcom, and decides to remaster the original Super Mario Bros. in "HD".

It might look like this. Which, yeah, looks a lot like Braid, which would be quite the creative loop to survey in all its madness.

If you want to know who to abuse/thank, artist Joao Victor G. Costa is your man.



    That reflective light off the fireball in the last pic is pretty sweet.

    if they remade smb 1 and/or 3 properly in hd, i'd probably buy a wiiu.

    That's F&*(#$&^ awesome, id love to see Mario remade like this.

    Given how Nintendo's entire business model involves rehashing existing franchises I'm surprised this hasn't been done already.

      The did re-make this already, it's called Super Mario All Stars. I really don't like HD art with basic animations - in Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo HD Remix (phew!) I much prefer the original graphics.

    Remake Mario world NSMB style or HD Vector and I'll buy. Still the best Mario game.

    HD would be nice, but in a Braid-esque art style? Nope nope nope

    Looks fantastic, but the colours are a little muted

    It looks great...I would play it

    Yes Nintendo did remake it which is Super Mario All-Stars which was all the way back in the SNES days (yes I know it was ported to the Wii to celebrate 25 years)...but a full ground-up style remake of Super Mario Bros 1, 3 Super Mario World.

    I would love to see a "Legacy Edition" of Super Mario Bros. but the only problem I can see (other than disc size) is how would they emulate the N64 & Gamecube controllers on the Wii U.

    .....I might cry....Oh that wasnt a question. Well Mr. Costa is talented but this is absolutely terrible. It should be a faithful hd remake, this isn't even close to any style any mario game has ever used. Its lost its soul. Its like Studio Ghibli stuff in 3d......no thanks

    I still want Super Metroid in HD. it could look like this.


    Am I just seeing things or is that a rabbit (from Rayman) in the top right in world 1-2?

    Not in that art style, nope. However, if they remastered Super Mario All Stars + World ala New, or rather used the 3D models from 3D World, it would probably sell, but it doesn't make any sense to do that.

    If it featured on the 3DS however, I'd buy it. Probably not an HD version for Wii U though. Nice idea though.

    this picture was just a concept. it wasn't showing if the original had an hd remake, regardless of the later existing redesigns of mario. it was showing what super mario bros would've looked like if the original wasn't a hit on the nes and wound up being an underrated game, like metalstorm, and someone along the line had the idea to make an hd remake.

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