What PS4 Games Would Be Like On The Oculus Rift

A bunch of us have already strapped on the VR goggles to our faces and have been super-impressed with what the headgear is able to accomplish. But, an Oculus optimised to work with the PS4? That’d be slick as heck.

Not only do the folks at T3 dream up a PlayStation-branded Rift in the video above, but they also imagine what the first-person view in some of PS4’s games would look like. Mind you, Sony is making its own VR headset. But the Rift is sopping up all the love at the moment. It’ll be interesting to see if the Oculus ever gets supported as a display by Sony or Microsoft.


    I don't think they'd be using the old school PS1 logo on the strap. lol

      Dude The Playstation Logo Is Still The Same

    you still hold the controller so why do you need share and options on the headset

    They'd be a perfect match. Conveniently solves the position tracking problem with the use of move. You still need the move lightbar on the front face of the Oculus.

    Not to mention design manufacturing and content support. Someone needs to find a way to make this happen. Please.....

    Though one panel instead of two? And the magnometer seems a tad redundant

    I'm not usually a fan of motion gaming, but imagine how awesome playing eg. skyrim etc. with this, the playstation 4 eye with a move.

    Having played the rift, PS4 and xbox one will just hold it back. The oculus needs the PC and android platform to evolve over the next ten years. The Ps4 in 10 years will look ancient compared to the new game platforms the oculus will create. Let sony and MS do their own version.

    its awsome
    but sony had sony personal 3d viewer that similar this

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