What The Sports Games Of The Future Should Look Like

What The Sports Games Of The Future Should Look Like

Know what I hate most about sports games? The fact they’re so focused on recreating the broadcast experience of a sport, and not what it’s like to actually play one. I was one of the four people on Earth who used NFL2K’s first-person camera view, I loved Backbreaker for its more immediate viewpoint, and I sometimes go crazy and think the smartest part of FIFA is the “roadie run” effect you get when playing in career mode.

So when I see footage like this, it makes me yearn for the day games about sport can be just like games about driving: make me feel the action, not watch a bland imitation of a TV show.

The footage up top and below comes courtesy of Raiders punter Chris Kluwe, who took Google Glass to the Oakland Raiders training camp (the bottom video was taken with the glasses strapped to the face of kicker Seb Janikowski).

Chris Kluwe [YouTube, via Deadspin]


  • I agree with this 100%. I was a HUGE fan of backbreaker. It never lived up to its potential, but as an ex-football player (middle linebacker here in AUS for a number of teams) I have always wanted to recreate the feeling of playing the sport, not the feeling of watching other people playing the sport… this article sums up exactly why backbreaker was the only sports game i’ve bought in 10 years and until the above style of game is made, I will not buy another one.

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