While You Were Sleeping

Hello everyone. Hello Monday. Hello suffering and despair. This is While You Were Sleeping — news and pictures of babies sleeping. Pleased to meet you.

Let's start Monday with tears. Yes, why not. This is the story of the gamer who raised another gamer. It's a tragic story and well worth reading. Nothing more to add really — just go and read it.

And this is also good: the unlikely man behind a digital revolution. Did this man help save PlayStation 4 owners from adding DRM to its console? Maybe, but hist story is worthwhile regardless.

Okay serious business: let's rank the Fallout series. CHOOSE WISELY.

And finally, this is 10 minutes of that game that was refused classification and this is what a Dr Seuss inspired The Last Of Us looks like!

In Short The Gamer Who Raised Me The Unlikely Man Behind A Digital Revolution If Dr Seuss Wrote The Last Of Us And Resident Evil Aliens Invade The White House In This 10 Minute Saints Row Preview Let's Rank The Fallout Games Best To Worst


    Morning. Admittedly I was up late so I managed to read those before falling asleep this time. ;)

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