While You Were Sleeping

Morning all. It is my sworn duty, inbetween spoonfuls of porridge, to inform you of the video game news that went down overnight. Welcome to While You Were Sleeping. Damn this porridge is delicious.

The biggest and possibly best news from overnight is that Mad Max will now feature some sort of Australian voice. I'm hoping it's a protagonist switch, but I'll wait until I hear it from the horses mouth. Still, good news. To me it was more about the performance — the current voice is about as generic as it gets.

Okay this is flat out strange: Xbox fans are called gropers in Japan! Why? Won't somebody tell me why! (This post tells you why!)

This may be the greatest feature ever implemented into Kinect: it allows to scan a QR code instead of manually typing in bloody codes. That is good news. I was sort of hoping I could just say the numbers, but yeah — as if any kind of voice recognition is going to work with my accent.

Someone built an actual prosthetic leg out of LEGO and this guy really, really does not want to pause his game.

In Short Mad Mac Will Have An Aussie Protagonist After All Why Xbox Fans Are Called Gropers In Japan Oh Nothing, It's Just A Girl Building A Prosthetic Leg Out Of Lego The New Kinect Means You Won't Have To Enter Codes On A Control Pad This Dude Does Not Want To Pause His Game


    We're back to animals now? Hooray!

      Animals are way better than babies. I'm holding out for some red panda cubs, seeeewwwwww cewwwwwwwwt. I propose this one perhaps,

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