While You Were Sleeping

I just woke up after sleeping in. You all know that feeling, right? Urgh. Anyway, I still managed to get myself good and ready to post While You Were Sleeping, your daily look at all the news coming in overnight.

I'm going to be totally honest with you — last night seemed a bit... dead. No big news to wake up to really, just a bunch of mildly cool stuff.

Like the man who found a 1983 homebrew Star Wars game. This is pretty awesome.

Or an amazing piece of art that somehow managed to feature all of the Street Fighter character duking it out at once. That's another pretty cool thing.

And as if you didn't know: Mario has pretty much become the go-to-guy for marriage proposals these days. I think that Minecraft must be a pretty close second. Actually, I'm disputing this headline. It's Minecraft. For sure Minecraft is the number 1 way that gamers propose.

Finally, you can now watch all of Lost Odyssey without having to play it. Suits me And this is every single Pokemon in Pokemon fusion. Whoa.

In Short Mario Is Pretty Much The Go To Guy For Marriage Proposals These Days Fine Art: All The Street Fighters Fighting All At Once Watch All Of Lost Odyssey Without Actually Playing It Here's Every Single Pokemon Fusion, Possible All Of Them Man Finds 1983 Homebrew Star Wars Game And It's Awesome


    I had some really trippy dreams last night. Since I took a few days off gaming, they've become more lucid.

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