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Welcome to Monday and welcome to While You Were Sleeping. We talk about news you might have missed. We complain about not getting enough sleep. We post pictures of sleeping babies for some reason.

When will video games get its Citizen Kane moment. Every time the words 'Citizen Kane' and 'video games' are put in the same sentence Jesus strangles a tamagotchi. I firmly believe this. Yet, I'm glad that Kirk Hamilton asked the 'Citizen Kane' question to the creators of The Last Of Us, because it resulted in an interesting answer. Also: you should read this The Last Of Us interview. It's a good read.

Nintendo shareholder meetings are often the source of interesting news. Sometimes Iwata drops bombs. This time? He had to answer to the issue of Nintendo's cafeteria being a little bit rubbish. Makes sense. A man cannot live on mushrooms alone. Need a little bit of variety in the diet — at least some protein!

Watch Dogs is systemic not scripted. I could have told you that, but it's nice to hear it repeated. These are some tips to make sure that your copy of Company of Heroes 2 is running well, and Hideo Kojima reviewed Pacific Rim in eight tweets!

In Short Shareholder Asks Nintendo Why Its Cafeteria Sucks Company Of Heroes 2 Running Like Garbage? This Tweak Might Help Watch Dogs Is Systemic Not Scripted Hideo Kojima Reviews Pacific Rim In Eight Tweets Zombies, Women, Citizen Kane: The Last Of Us Makers Defend Their Game


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