While You Were Sleeping

Mark went to Scotland without us, so we'll have to do this on our own today. So what happened while you were sleeping? Someone started an Xbox One petition of a different kind, and China might make video game consoles legal. Wait, what?

Someone has started a petition demanding Microsoft reverse its decision to reverse its decision on Xbox One DRM and online checks. The Xbox One we were promised at E3 was THE FUTURE! Is this a genuine petition, or do I smell a troll?

Did you know video game consoles are actually banned in China? And that they have been for 13 years? THANKS KOTAKU! The Chinese government is considering making them legal — but only if Sony, Nintendo and Microsoft agree to manufacture their respective consoles in Shanghai. Apparently, this is how China wants to lure foreign investors.

In short: Game Trailer Or Bad '80s Sci-Fi Show? You Decide! Little Witch Academia 2 Is Now Officially Funded. Hooray! Geez, Thank God This Wasn't Actually Tomb Raider's DLC


    Dear Elly,
    Please stop posting pictures of your puppy.

    I can't handle the cute anymore.

      No, don't stop! Dachshunds are the bestest.

        This person knows what they're talking about.

    Watch Dynasty Warriors sellout ^^

    But China will sell the PS4's and XBones to North Korea!!! I expect they'll use the new tech to create a new product that will get them nothing but another 'failed launch'......

    Way to get with the times China. Most of the hardware in the boxes would be made in China anyway.
    Like China needs an economic boost anyway! What a crock.

    Lets assume Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo agree to manufacture them in China, all of a sudden your new console is a new spy program for the democratic peoples republic of communism and fascism.

    No thanks, leave the hermits as they are.

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