While You Were Sleeping

While you slept, the world got ever so slightly cuter. That's because sleeping people — and other types of critters — are almost unbearably cute. All together now: Aww. Now, on with the overnight news.

Photo: Daniel Guimarães

Duplicating items in Animal Crossing: New Leaf feels like cheating to me. Probably because that's what it is, but if you really must, it can apparently be done.

Knights Of The Old Republic took place in a galaxy far far away, and a time long, long ago… ten years ago. If you haven't played it, check out the iPad version — it's very well done.

In Short:

Far Cry 4 Is Coming. What Do You Want Them To Change? Move Over Fort Max, There's A New World's Tallest Transformer In Town Nintendo's First Proper Console Was So '80s It Had A Cassette Deck A Dance Tune Starring Grand Theft Auto's Most Annoying Cousin 20 Gruesome Ways To Die In The Last Of Us


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