While You Were Sleeping

PAX Australia kicks off today — which almost assuredly means that nobody organising it slept at all last night. While they toiled, the world of games continued to spin, or at least intermittently twirl.

Photo: John Donges

Top level fighting game players are an entirely different breed. I'm convinced of it, and watching video of the best combos just makes me more convinced that this is so.

Indie Game: The Movie is getting DLC!

(mental note: Insert some kind of "Horse Armour" joke here. That'll work well, I think)

Also, we had a mild problem yesterday with the video for The Bureau not showing up. Sorry about that, but it's all good now for your viewing pleasure. Although maybe not "good". Perhaps "somewhat evil" is better there.

In Short:

Wow, The Next Adventure Time Game Looks Awesome Jailed League Player Will Try To Get Case Dismissed Next Month This Could Be The Tactics Game Your iPad Has Been Crying Out For This Game Series Came A Long Way In Just Two Short Years Hasbro's SDCC Exclusive G.I. Joe/Transformers Crossover Is So Sweet


    I may have missed the memo completely, but why no Sony at PAX?

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