While You Were Sleeping

The high score keepers for Crabitron better watch out. For once in my life, I can use the phrase "My crab is hungry" without it being a euphemism. Here's everything that happened in the gaming world while iPad users worldwide were entranced by the hypno-crab.

Owen Good has a bit of history on the NCAA and their relationship with EA Sports, in lieu of the recent scare about college gridiron possibly losing their videogame in the US.

I'm going to go ahead and say you want to see the trailer for Miyazaki's next film. Apologies if that was assumptive of me.

Whether or not there will be any new Homeworld games is still unclear, after Gearbox collected the rights from THQ's carcass. But one thing that's definitely happening is HD remakes of the originals.

Apparently, in China, selling flatbread on the street pays double that of programming games.

In Short

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