While You Were Sleeping

Too far? Nah, there's no such thing as too far. I've waved my crabby pincers around and gobbled up all the overnight news for you, Kotaku. Move over, Crabitron. This is the era of Jungitron.

Luke Plunkett seems to really think you should go and play Mercenary Kings. And after looking at the trailer I think he might be onto something. Looks Metal Sluggish.

Mike Fahey has a review of Breach & Clear, a tactical SWAT command app with lots of door-kicking.

The Hyrule mod for Medieval 2: Total War has levelled up to version 3.0, and released this trailer with all of the races fighting to mark the occasion.

This one has been doing the rounds on the internet, but in case you missed it, Bryan Cranston (AKA Walter White in Breaking Bad) cosplayed as himself at ComicCon, using a mask.

Shots fired - Square Enix has been experiencing difficulties in their attempt to expand further into the West, and former boss Stephane D’Astous has some ideas as to why that might be.

Brian Ashcraft wants to know why Nintendo isn't accepting applications from Japanese indie developers. He points to a questionnaire distributed at GDC, so no telling whether that was only for that event. But it's been causing a stir in Japanese Twitter circles.

In Short

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