While You Were Sleeping

A bigger day yesterday in the gaming news world, and there should be some pretty cool news today, if my crystal ball is correct. Admittedly, it has been acting up a little bit lately. I'll cross-check with the Ouija board and animal entrails... Yep. Big day.

Local indie studio Flat Earth Games had their first game on show at PAX Aus. Problem is, in order to show at PAX Aus, you have to already have released a game. It turned out to be a bit of a scramble for them, but they got there.

Luke Plunkett has a roundup of the best cosplay from Comic-Con 2013. Each photo is in a different place this time.

Have you ever wondered what celebrities look like when playing Wii U? Not that different.

EA is being forced to pay out $11 million USD to Robin Antonick, designer of the first John Madden Football game, for reusing his code in subsequent versions.

Here's an infographic about the recent Steam sale, if you can handle looking at it without bringing up harsh memories of losing all your money and time.

It looks like Sony might be making a Gran Turismo movie, but Luke Plunkett is worried that the movie will taint the franchise in an attempt to cash in on "car culture".

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    How long can you keep the crabs theme going Jungs? it's even expanded to the Civ V screenshot :P

    I'm not sure that crab is sleeping.

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