While You Were Sleeping

Gotta get down on Friday, Kotakuers. I hope your week was splendid. Mine was stressful - not because of this piddly news cycle stuff. No, sir. I'm locked in a brutal battle with a friend over who can get the highest Crabitron score. And my score just got doubled. You can't imagine the blow to my ego. I typed this aggregation of news with the six spare fingers I have, while my thumbs and indexes were glued to where they belong - controlling pincers.

Also, we're having tryouts in my competitive Crabitron clan. Anyone interested?

Luke Plunkett has a video of an Oculus Rift being used to control a real drone. Very cool - makes you wonder what other creative uses for it people will come up with.

Here's a look at a Chinese game called Glorious Mission Online, a FPS in which you defend the Diaoyu Islands from Japan. The issue of who owns the islands in real life is kind of sensitive, so reactions have been mixed.

This is just sweet. After 5-year old Sarah Parries - a cancer patient who like to play Mechwarrior Online with her father - passed away last May, the developers have included a special Mech players can buy modelled after her favourite. It functions as a normal Jenner with some extra XP, and proceeds go to cancer research.

Here's something not so sweet - a point-and-click adventure game in which you play as a pregnant woman in jail. Something different, I guess.

In Short

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    got something like 1.1-1.3 million at PAX for Carbitron. My fingers/thumbs felt like they suffered from carpet burn.

      That's about exactly what my friend got! I'm still at around 750k or so. Need to upgrade.

      You did well to do that without owning it though, heheh.

      Owning the game without owning the game?

        If you get too much friction in the game there are a few tricks you can try:

        1. Angle your fingers and thumb so that your nails touch the screen (this make your fingers contact less and reduces friction without any loss of control)

        2. Get a matte screen protector - reduces friction a lot

        3. Grow an exoskeleton

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