While You Were Sleeping

This is the special weekend edition of While You Were Sleeping, a aggregation of all the news that happened while you were away in the happiest two days of the week. Presumably you were frolicking in a meadow full of daisies, and that was very, very naughty. You should have been playing videogames.

In lieu of crabs, I'm forced to post pictures of this sleazy guy, who I imagine to be the real life equivalent of the "What're ya buyin'?" NPC. I don't like what it's come to, either.

Here's a hands-on of the upcoming 2D brawler Dragon's Crown, which just plain look freakin' boss.

In response to an open letter posted about Kotaku, Ian Mahar takes a look at mental illness in games, and the stigmatising language surrounding it.

I've had Overgrowth on my list of games to keep an eye on for ages, because I like rabbit-on-rabbit violence. In celebration of its 200th alpha build, it has a video showing us how it looks.

Probably the biggest news to happen over the weekend is Fez creator Phil Fish leaving the industry and cancelling Fez 2, after a Twitter argument with one of those internet vlog ranty types. We'll see if it sticks.

And, self-published indie games might not just be for the Xbox One. According to the makers of Pinball Arcade, they games might be coming to the 360 as well.

In Short

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