While You Were Sleeping

What're ya buyin'? Is it news? Oh, we've got a loooot of news. Come and check out everything that's happened overnight.

It seems like the situation for SuperDaE just gets worse... There are now issues over his laptop, with police saying he is denying them access. He, however, maintains his password protection is so intense that he can't remember it.

Did you know that if you open a Nazi cafe, people will probably be angry about that? If not, please don't open a cafe.

And if you're having trouble with controller batteries, this Lifehacker post about the cost effectiveness of rechargeable batteries may be of interest to you.

In Short

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    PSSSSST....wanna buy a slightly used poodle?

    You want to buy organ? Fresh and cheap, ready for transplant.

    Obligatory Resident Evil 4 merchant is all that's needed!

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