Win! A Trip To PAX Australia With Kotaku

We hope you have your ticket to PAX Australia in July, because they're sold out. Thankfully, that's where Kotaku comes in. We're looking for one person to head to PAX Australia to see it all: the games, the consoles, the developers, the crazy! We want them to blog about their experience for Kotaku Australia, so we're also including an amazing 17-inch Alienware M17x laptop in the prize. Total value: $3860. Here's how to enter...

How To Enter

When it comes to covering big gaming expos, the famous Sonic meme says it all: ‘Gotta go fast’. So much to see, so much to do. Three days to do it.

"Gotta go fast."

So, in the spirit of that old Sonic meme, and as a hat tip to Telstra Broadband's Ultimate speeds, we’re looking for two things...

  • Upload image here. 3MB limit.

What You Need To Know

• Note that the prize only includes one PAX Australia ticket. Plus airfare and accommodation. And the beefy Alienware above.

• Competition closes 10am AEST this Wednesday 3rd July. We said you Gotta Be Fast!

You must be available to attend the PAX Australia Expo in Melbourne, from Friday July 19 2013 to Sunday July 21 2013. We’ll book your airfare from your nearest Australian capital city.

• We'll put you up in a four star hotel for three nights, but you'll need to organise your own travel insurance and spending money.

• We'll ask you to write at least 3 blog posts — one per day on July 21, July 22 and July 23 2013 – and work with Kotaku’s editors on this.

Full terms and conditions.

We're psyched. Good luck guys!


    Harsh but fair on the MS paint thing. There were definitely some questionable entries and winners in the last comp like that.

      With the MS paint that ships with windows 7, especially the inclusion of more brush types, it's quite possible to make something that looks really respectable.... slow and arduous compared to other painting programs, but quite possible.

        That would kill all the fun though...

      You can do lots with the current version of MS Paint, and you can do even more if you have a graphics tablet, like I do (which is how I got my winning entry done in about an hour). If you really want it to be fair, you've gotta ban those too. But where does it stop?

    Can we at least use tablets to draw in MS Paint?
    Mouse drawing sucks.

    In NZ for a snow trip from the 20th...bummer!

      Same reason I'm missing it. I'll be in Queenstown for a week for some skiing, bungie jumping, and some sort of LOTR horse ride.

    I'm still not entirely sure what I'm meant to be making, but hi-ho sanic, away!

    I'll be there on the Friday, If you magically manage to find me I'll buy the winner a cider! (Or beer if that's your thing).

    bloody fantastic prizes, unfortunately not that creative. Good luck to the rest

      yeah i have no creative gene either... i got 2 awesome genes instead... true story.

      GL everyone else

    I dont see an age limit anywhere... is there one?

      "Are there age restrictions to PAX AUS? Back to Top
      If you’re under the age of 15, make sure you are accompanied by a parent or guardian. PAX AUS will contain MA15+ content, children under the age of 15 can only access MA15+ content when their accompanying parent or guardian is present. The appropriate rating advice will be displayed where required. Identification will be required to enter PAX AUS and access MA15+ and/or R18+ content.

      Children 6 and under do not require badges, however strollers are not permitted in the exhibition pavilion."

        cool i should have thought XD i asked for a friend anyway, because i'm getting my 3 day passes in the mail this week! YAY!

    @benj - Telstra related competition? MS Paint? Didn't someone I know draw a Telstra related picture in MS Paint recently? :-)

    @dc - Tickets to PAX? ACCOMMODATION!? WRITING!? @DC @DC @DC @DC @DC @DC @DC @DC @DC @DC @DC @DC @DC @DC @DC @DC @DC @DC @DC @DC @DC @DC @DC @DC @DC @DC @DC @DC @DC @DC @DC @DC @DC @DC @DC @DC @DC @DC @DC @DC @DC @DC @DC @DC @DC @DC @DC @DC @DC @DC @DC @DC @DC @DC @DC @DC @DC @DC @DC @DC


      Nah, the organizer of PAX North can't just abandon his Only God Forgives schedule.

        do it! I want to meet @DC!

          You could always come to PAX North, it'll be Dan!, Sughly and me going to see a Ryan Gosling movie... as you do...

            Oh, I see how it is >:-O

            I'm extremely upset that no matter how many times I say I'm in for PAX North, you always leave me out.
            I'm gonna enter and win this competition just so I can write an article on how PAX is way better than PAX North, now. :P

              For some reason I thought you were going to Melbourne? D:

                I have responded positively to almost every PAX North comment of yours and even on numerous occasions said I would see the movie with you guys. Not sure how much more I could do to make you realise I would not be in Melbourne. :P

                  Well this makes PAX North even better. Want to be our keynote speaker? :D

      Ohhhhh I'm not quite sure how well that would go down :P I have another drawing in mind though!

    I can see the 'going fast' getting sexualised real quick. lol.

    Wow that's incredible. I'd love the opportunity to do that! That'd be amazing experience for my own gaming blog. Totally getting my entry in ASAP! :D

    All I can say is: your're all lucky I only have a Mac and all the comps at work are Macs so I can't enter, otherwise you'd all be eatin' my dust.

    Good luck!

    "AMAZING!!!!!" *In Rona Thorne's voice*

    If you don't get the reference please leave you uncultured swine =P
    Also go here

    Glad we got a bit of time for this comp. Should be heaps of fun. I didn't end up getting tickets so this would be awesome.

    FRRRRR.. So busy right now, not sure if i could make an image, but I'll see if i can

    Are raw copy/pastes of photos allowed, so long as they serve as part of the piece and are not the piece itself?

    "Competition closes 10am AEST this Wednesday 3rd July"

    This Wednesday meaning today? Or next Wednesday?
    Or 3rd July which is the following Wednesday?
    Which part of that is wrong?

      If you read the Terms and Conditions it says "closes at 10am AEST on Wednesday July 3rd 2013". So I'm going with Wednesday the 3rd.

      Also, he posted this at 3pm today so he couldn't have possibly meant today if the competition closed at 10am.

      Last edited 19/06/13 8:43 pm

    I would enter but I already have tickets and my flights and accommodation booked with none of that being refundable :/ Good luck to everyone who enters though!


    I just entered, even though I imagine the good folks at Kotaku would likely not let a Kiwi cover such a prestigious event, but hey, they let a Scot be head honcho so who knows? Since it took me two days of painstaking pixelated buffoonery to complete my image, I can't not send it in.

    Last edited 22/06/13 12:18 am

    My closest capital city is 1700km away. Three times the distance between Glasgow and London.

    Already have tickets (and a spare one too, if anybody's interested), but good luck everyone! Great prizes too.

      A spare 3 day or saturday ticket? I'd be keen!

        Apologies for the late reply, but Yes it's a spare 3-day pass. Bought it during early bird pricing.

          I'd be happy to buy it off you! How much are you asking?

            Hello again! I was just going to ask for what I paid - $115 (early bird price).

              I'd love to buy it then! My email is [email protected], if you send me an email there we can work it out?

                okay, I've sent an email to confirm. Apologies again for the late reply!

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