Wow, Replicating Skyrim's Fus Ro Dah In Real Life Sounds Horrifying

Shouting in Skyrim — a special ability that Dragonborn have — isn't a thing that exists, obviously. But if we were to make it real, getting a sound strong enough to physically move someone, like the Fus Ro Dah shout does, would mean suffering devastating effects according to Vsauce3.

We're talking like, the type of shock wave that would cause internal damage. Your internal organs would be destroyed. That's not even taking into account the possibility of a BLACK HOLE.

Jesus. Uh, yeah, let's not try to recreate a Fus Ro Dah in real life and just stick to Skyrim.

What if You Were Fus Ro Dah'd? [Vsauce3]


    The only way to play Skyrim is on the 360 with the kinnect shouts on :D

      360?? Ha!

      Oculus Rift and:

      I cannot begin to tell you how invalid your argument is.

        Please begin as I'm sure it won't be as long and boring as that a purist and don't like any mods that change the theme of the game.....nude mod is good lol

        yes I agree oculus rift has my attention and would love to play Skyrim on it..and may turn out to be a better experience but there's no denying that using voice commands to do shouts is awesome also very far from invalid.

        so I think your invalid comment is what is really invalid here.

          You're a purist? It's not like you have a choice to use any readily accessible mods on the 360. So, you know, your response out-invalids mine thoroughly. :p

          In all seriousness though, Oculus with shouts via mic, irrespective of mods or not, would be an utter game changer for Skyrim. Can't wait to see the awesome that device would deliver...

            I have both PC and Xbox versions......just pointing out the shouts feature was excellent....infact probably the best use of kinnect I have seen so far....

            also I have a 65in tv makes the shouts feel very powerful...definetly worth a check out if you haven't experienced it.

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