Wow, There Was A Daytona USA...RPG

It wasn't made by Sega, sadly, but whatever: around 2003-04, there was an arcade version of Daytona USA going around that added RPG elements to the famous racer. Put together by modders, it was called Daytona USA : GTX 2004, and featured a range of little changes and improvements to the original like upgraded visuals.

The big changes, though, were to the way you could earn skill points after each race, letting you customise your vehicle. You could put better tyres on your car, increase engine performance, add armour to prevent damage and even install a turbo button for boost power.

While official games of this time period would have had you use a card to physically save your progress and customisation, GTX 2004 looked to the 90s, and simply gave you a code you could punch in next time you played, letting you pick up where you left off.

The game was originally sold as a conversion kit for Daytona cabinets for around $US500, but these days is most commonly played via emulators.

Daytona GTX - 2004 Edition [Arcade History, via @necrosofty]


    Oh man, that brings back memories...

    RPG features... nice! Shame about the turbo mode being enabled, nothing ruins Daytona more than turbo mode.
    Nothing beats endurance mode Daytona either...

    They had this at the hypderdome (local supermarket) arcade a few years back, I always thought it was really neat. Never knew it wasn't official though.

    Those modded versions of Daytona were almost universally BAAADDD... I dont know why, but every one ive ever played at an arcade was buggy and unresponsive. Kind of like Rainbow Street Fighter but without the fun.

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