Yep, I'm Still Excited For Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII

There's a little voice inside my head. "Jason!" it sometimes screams at me. "Why are you excited for Lightning Returns? You hated the first two! Square Enix is exploiting a character that nobody really cares about! You're just going to be disappointed!"

Well, voice, I don't care what you say. This game looks cool. New trailer above.


    I'm excited too, not too long now. I will be trying the Japanese version first, was lucky enough to secure the Ultimate Lightning Box with a Japanese proxy. Must be a thing with the name Jason and Final Fantasy, I have been a fan for a very very long time :) - and not regrets

    I am tentatively looking forward to the game. However, my main doubt will be on the fluidity of the movement and combat. I think that it is an interesting direction and how it plays will likely make or break 15 when it releases as it seems kind of similar judging by the trailers. If it plays like Kingdom Hearts 2 where it is genuinely fun to beat the crap out of things then I reckon that it will be a winner. If it has a clunky jump and attack then it is not going to appeal to a lot of people.

    I'd say that this is an experiment to see what they need to refine for 15, to find out what people love and hate and then to make adjustments accordingly so that they can bring the series back on track come release of FF15.

      If a certain other numbered Final Fantasy coming out next month doesn't put the franchise back on track before XV does, that is. Hohohoh~

    Getting a real Erza (Fairy Tale) vibe from Lightning in this game, so many requip's :P

    I'll probably still get this, even tho I'm not the biggest fan of console gaming... Doubtfull I'll like the combat either, why can't we just have turned based >_<

    Hopefully I'm wrong and it's an awesome game.

    Does the voice saying 'Jason' sound anything like Ethan from Heavy Rain?

    Nope. Been burned twice now. That's enough for me.

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